#MarchMagics 2022 TBR

Happy March! (Well, tomorrow . . .)

Every year since discovering it, I love joining the blog event #MarchMagics (hosted by Kristen at We Be Reading) to celebrate the works of Diana Wynne Jones (one of my favorite authors!) and of Terry Pratchett.

I have a whole DWJ page here on my blog, so . . . yeah. πŸ˜‰

This March is particularly special for me, since it will mark ten years since I read my very first Diana Wynne Jones novel, Howl’s Moving Castle. Reading it specifically in March was a coincidence, too, since I wasn’t even blogging at the time, but I do find it to be excessively fitting.

Anyway, if I find the time, perhaps I shall do a Howl-type post later this month to commemorate a decade of being a Diana Wynne Jones fan. πŸ˜‰

Meanwhile! The point of this post. My TBR for March Magics this year.

Last year, I finished my final new-to-me DWJ books (aside from some possible short stories, plays, and her first book which isn’t children’s fantasy and is virtually impossible to find; ANYWAY), an accomplished but bittersweet feeling, which leaves me with just re-reads for her books. But re-reads are always a DELIGHT with her books!

So here we are in March and my TBR is . . .

  • Deep SecretRe-read. One of DWJ’s darker, more adult novels, this one was nevertheless a fascinating read and it’s one I’ve been meaning to re-read for awhile, particularly because of the world-hopping aspects. (Call it “research” for one of my own WIPs.) So I’m looking forward to this one! And I at last have a gorgeous copy of my own, so. Also, centaurs!
  • The Merlin Conspiracy Re-read. The companion novel to Deep Secret, this is the second of the “Magids” books but is extremely different than the first book. I remember finding it great fun, and loving the elephant and Romanov the enchanter and so forth. I can’t wait. *grin*
  • Feet of Clay — I’m working on Pratchett’s City Watch sub-series of the Discworld series, so this one is the next. Because I need more Vimes. XD Guards! Guards! was the first book I read of Pratchett’s, for my very first March Magics, and I read the second book last March, so this third one feels quite fitting.
  • Going Postal — Along with Guards! Guards!, I remember this one being recommended to me by Sarah Pennington (check out her fabulous blogs here and here), and I’ve been determined to read it ever since. It sounds like a blast. So I’m hoping this is the year! I actually hope to listen to it on audiobook, since Scribd has this one available!*

*Scribd is an audiobook (and ebook) subscription site which I ADORE because audiobooks let me read while getting other stuff done, and the monthly cost isn’t terrible.

If you enjoy audiobooks and haven’t checked out Scribd, you can get two free months by using my link and I’d get a free month too.

So! That’s my official March Magics TBR.

Two DWJ re-reads. Two Pratchett new reads.

Four books.

If I can get through those, I might pick up another audiobook or two on Scribd if I have more time . . . And I’ve been itching to re-read the Dalemark Quartet and the last two Chrestomanci books, so . . . those are possible followups. But I do seem to overestimate how much I’ll be able to read, so I’m keeping the official list to four, for my own sanity. *nervous laughter*

I’m QUITE excited for these two new-to-me Pratchetts and this Diana Wynne Jones double re-read. Hurrah for March Magics!

I’m also hoping to post a bit for #MarchMagics on my Instagram but haven’t planned my month out yet so here’s hoping . . .

Let me know in a comment if you’ve read any of these! And if you’re participating by reading any Diana Wynne Jones or Pratchett books this month! πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “#MarchMagics 2022 TBR

  1. Great choices (even on the bonus list)! I am just finishing up my last Feb book today and then I’ll dive into my stack. I am so excited! I don’t know why I thought I was done hosting this month. I need it!

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  2. Oh my goodness, happy 10 year, erm, DWJiversary??? Lol. Yeah, that works. XD But seriously, that is so special it’s been a whole decade since you first read our most beloved HMC!!! And in March too! How utterly perfect!

    This list of reads look wonderful for some good March Magics fun. I do hope March will provide lots of time for some magical reading! ❀

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  3. I completely forgot about March Magics, but in a happy coincidence, I’m finally reading the last several Pratchett novels β€” I read Thud last week, I started Unseen Academicals last night, and I have the final three books he published on request from the library. I just have to wait for them to come in. This all started with rereading Going Postal, which is SO GOOD. I’m excited you’re reading it!

    Question, by the way β€” I bought The Merlin Conspiracy used (it was less than a dollar), but I wasn’t sure if it was book 1 or book 2, and I thought it was book 1. Does one need to read Deep Secret first?

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    • That is a happy coincidence indeed! I’m so impressed you’re almost done his books–I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface! I’ve heard good things of Thud. I just started Going Postal last night and it’s a gem so far. XD

      Yay for a Merlin Conspiracy deal! Hmm. It’s technically book 2, but in the way of Diana Wynne Jones companion novels, it’s only slightly connected and not teeerribly important to read them in order. Nick, the hero of Merlin Conspiracy, is a side character first in Deep Secret, and Deep Secret also introduces the multi-worlds and how those work, but other than those two links I think they stand alone extremely well and are very different. I think you could easily read The Merlin Conspiracy first and treat the other as an adjacent prequel. (But it’s been a few years since I’ve read them, so I’m not 100% on it.) Sorry you were confused about the order!

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      • I mean, I’ve been reading them on and off since 2014, so it’s taken me a while. XD I’m very happy to hear you’re enjoying Going Postal!

        Thank you for clarifying that! I probably will read The Merlin Conspiracy first, then, since I have it.

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  4. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Guards Arc! I can’t wait until you get to Night Watch and Thud! those are my two FAVORITES (though I dearly love them all and the others are all glaring at me now). But Thud! has my favorite scene of the entire arc in it, so… there’s that.

    We just read Going Postal and are now reading Making Money too!! Great minds think alike and all that! πŸ™‚

    I feel like I’ve let blogging slide off the map this year… and I miss it so. But there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do ALL the things. This is a season. The day will come again when I will be able to read all the blogs and write all the posts….

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    • The Guards arc is where I started and I got distracted with DEATH and read all those, and a couple of Tiffany Achings, and now a couple of Moists. XD But there’s something special about Vimes! I’m excited to get to those two, then!

      Yay for accidentally reading the same ones this month! XD Great minds, indeed. πŸ˜‰

      I hear you! Hopefully blogging can return for both of us! (Although I do think you’re doing pretty well at blogging and I enjoy seeing your posts!)

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