#MarchMagics 2021

Happy March Magics!

This celebration of Diana Wynne Jones and Terry Pratchett is hosted each year by WeBeReading and I’m excited as always!

My (hopeful) TBR!

I’ve been wanting to reread the Magid duology (Deep Secret, which is darker/more adult, & The Merlin Conspiracy, both of which stand alone) for a long time so I’m hoping to make the time for that.

Then I have two DWJ books I collected and have been saving for this month — I thiiink they’re the last of hers I haven’t read yet? (Not counting misc. short stories etc. and her first one which was for adults and impossible to find and didn’t sound as interesting.) So I have mixed feelings about that. XD But I’m curious to read Witch’s Business and The Time of the Ghost.

Now that I finished the Death series last March, I’m going back to the Night Watch series so I’m going to try Men at Arms (I’ve heard mixed thoughts on this one but loved Guards! Guards!) and I’ve been slowly working through the Tiffany Aching books so this is the next one!

Yes, most of it’s Diana Wynne Jones because she’s my favorite. XD

March is looking to be super busy, though, so I’ll just have to see what I have time to read.

Are you reading any DWJ or Pratchett this month? Thanks for reading!


22 thoughts on “#MarchMagics 2021

  1. Happy March Magics!!! 😀

    Your TBR looks fantastic! That is absolutely amazing you’ve read nearly every single DWJ book! I am in awe. Though I know it must be a rather bittersweet thing. Thank goodness rereading is a thing, am I right? ❤

    I actually, for the first time EVER, have a March Magics themed blog post planned for later this month! I ALWAYS mean to do at least a little something for March Magics but somehow it never happens. But this year is the year! And I am excited! ^_^

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    • Happy March Magics back!!

      Thanks! I’m excited! Yessss, DWJ especially is good for rereads. 😀

      Aaah that’s so exciting! Hurrah! I’m excited you’ll be doing something for it and I can’t wait to read your post!


  2. Oh, this sounds fun! I keep meaning to read Terry Pratchett’s books, and after reading and loving HMC I want to read more of DWJ’s books. ^_^ Happy March Magics!

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  3. I HIGHLY recommend ANYTHING from the Discworld canon, but I’m rather devoted to it, so am not the best person to give an at all unbiased view! Personally I love the Watch, and do suggest reading any of those! (I’m not sure I’ve even read all of them myself!)

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    • Yay! Well, I’ve read Guards Guards, Death’s arc, and the first two Tiffany Achings, so I still feel very behind but have been enjoying it for the most part. XD And I love that you’re devoted to it! Definitely planning on progressing through the Watch since I do have a couple of those on hand!

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  4. My “if I have time” list this year has the Magid books on it as well as any of the Chrestomanci stories. Time of the Ghost is a strange one so I’ll be interested to see what you think! If you know anything about DWJs childhood, it’s got a couple of things based on her own life. Have fun reading!

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  5. Oh I loved Men at Arms so much!!! Guards! Guards! is really fun, but I didn’t start to like Vimes until almost halfway through the book, and he just keeps GETTING BETTER throughout the series. He has quickly risen up into the top tiers of my all-time favorite characters of ever. (Top tier, maybe… don’t ask me how many are up there… numbers are… hard. And unfair. And I can’t pick favorites, okay? But seriously… he’s standing in a group with Aragorn and Bean and the Pevensies and Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds and Leverage Elliot and Angel and Haplo and Howl and Chrestomanci in that best-of-the-best-I-Will-read-these-again-and-again-and-be-perfectly-content-about-it category!

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    • Eep, that makes me more excited about it! I remember being surprised how much I loved Vimes by the end of Guards! Guards! so I get this. XD He’s great! Haha, numbers are certainly hard… Great character list! Haplo is the only one on there I don’t know!


  6. Oh, Deep Secret: I should reread that! It’s funny! So far I’m planning to read The Shepherd’s Crown, which is the last Tiffany Aching book and the only one I haven’t read yet, and then I want to read more Discworld. Maybe I should try Guards! Guards! because I haven’t read any of the Watch series yet. And apparently I need to be introduced to Vimes!

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    • Yesss, Deep Secret was a lot of fun! Yay for Tiffany Aching! I’m not that far yet but sounds exciting! Vimes is so great and Guards! Guards! is the first Discworld I read and still one of my favorites. 😀 Happy reading!

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  7. This is a fine selection you’ve set up — good luck with them all, whether reads or indeed rereads! I’ve just reread and reviewed A Tale of Time City and it’s the familiar scenario with DWJ rereads: I’m discovering so much that I simply didn’t pick up on the first time around. Hope the same applies to you!

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    • Thank you! Yes, I’ve found that too with DWJ rereads — there is always more to discover! One of the many things that make her books delightful. I even remember on my first reread of Conrad’s Fate that I had completely forgotten who was the villain and got to discover it all over again! Time City is one that I’ve only read once but I can see why it would be a prime case for discovering more on rereading! Thanks and I hope your March Magics is…well…magical!

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      • And the same for you, too! I’ve read Conrad’s Fate three times now and even though certain images are strong in my mind — Stallery Castle, the seemingly endless staircase — I’ve forgotten who the villain is too, but I have an inkling all is revealed in the library or a ballroom?! I don’t think I’m ever going to tire of her works, though I’ve still to acquire and read Changeover and Earwig, and I think there’s a play as well…

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