Bookish News Roundup/March Magics 2019!

Once upon a time, a blogger used to blog. This was a long time ago, but there were likely fearsome, lengthy, time-consuming, important quests involved and totally valid reasons for her absence of many moons. Fortunately, this blogger is back today to share bookish happenings, releases, cover reveals, a free book, and of course March Magics!

Once upon a time (even longer ago), a fabulous author named Diana Wynne Jones wrote some of the best fantasy ever to grace the page. This month is all about celebrating her work (and that of another fabulous fantasy author, Terry Pratchett) and even if I’m approximately two-thirds of a month late posting about this, I have been doing things to celebrate when time allows. XD


It’s March.

I’m not quite sure how this happened?

But I do l love March. It’s my birthday month (I had a FANTASTIC bookish one!) and Diana Wynne Jones month and St. Patrick’s Day and spring (happy Spring, as of yesterday!) and all things good. ❤ Particularly Diana Wynne Jones March. 😉

So here’s how I’m celebrating one of my favorite events of the year, and all the other March madness! (It’s a good madness, I promise.)


March Magics is hosted by Kristin @ We Be Reading and this year the theme is Riches Well-Told. Which means we get to re-read our favorites! I’m totally down for this. 😀

There’s also a readalong for Howl’s Moving Castle (YESSS! Hoping to do that this week) and for The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett — which I just read and was delightful!

Here’s my stack!

Status update on these!

  • The only new-to-me book in this stack is The Wee Free Men, which I read this month (about the only book I’ve finished, but you know. XD) and it was SO SO FUN! I loved it so much! 😀 It felt totally different than the other Discworlds I’ve read but I LOVED it. The Nac Mac Feegle are the best. XD And I managed to find a GORGEOUS fully-illustrated edition at my library, so reading that was just magical.
  • I’m about a third of the way through my Hexwood re-read (which I loved the first time) and I’m sooo enjoying it! Especially now that I know what actually happened. XD I can’t wait to finish. (MORDION. MY FEELS.)
  • I’m reading an essay per day, more or less, of Reflections: On the Magic of Writing. I’m loving it! I read this collection years ago but I appreciate it so much more now that I’ve read more of DWJ’s work, and I think most of her things are best on a re-read. Even if I don’t agree with every thing in it, there are SO many gems in here about fantasy, writing, and her own work. I ADORE IT. I think I’m on track to finish by the end of the month. If you’re a writer or a fantasy fan or a DWJ enthusiast, you HAVE to read this. I don’t read much non-fiction but this one is phenomenal.
  • I’m definitely planning to pick up Howl’s Moving Castle this week for my sixth read and I can’t wait! 😀 In the years since I discovered it, I’ve re-read it almost every year (just missing two years, one of which was last year), so it’s definitely time! (I almost always read it in the spring for some reason! It just seems a spring-y kind of book. Maybe because spring cleaning. Or May Day…)
  • I’m SO hoping I will find the time to dive into my first re-read of Fire and Hemlock, but if not, I will definitely have to do it next month. I’ve adored this one for ages but been a little afraid to reread it (while also been wanting to reread it ever since I closed the final page). I’m SO looking forward to it.
  • And if I get a minute, I’m totally planning to re-read Mort, which is one of my favorites. XD A Guards! Guards! re-read would not go amiss either, but looking less likely. But hey, I’ve read The Wee Free Men this month and that was totally awesome, and I’m in the midst of re-living some DWJ magic, so anything else I get done, or don’t, it’s all good. 🙂

So there’s an update on my DWJ and Pratchett reading/goals!

I haven’t made any specific plans for March Magic-ish posts (being too busy to blog on this or any other topic) but I’m still holding out hope that I’ll do something more — maybe I’ll Howl myself into writing one or two before the month is out. 😉

Meanwhile, check out my DWJ page where I’ve collected some DWJ-ish things.

And enjoy this quote, which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately as I don’t allow myself time to take care of myself between all the busy things . . . *cough*

Onward to the non March-Magics Marchness!


  • A Dream Within a Dream by Kristina Mahr — I still need to read book one, but look, another gorgeous book from Uncommon Universes Press!
  • Hertz to Be a Hero by Bryan Davis — I just picked this up at a homeschool convention I went to for my birthday. I’m so excited to read it! Middle-grade superhero novel? Yes please! Check out my review of book one, Wanted: A Superhero To Save the World, which you should totally read!
  • Healer’s Bane by Hope Ann — I’m reading a review copy of this fantasy novella and enjoying it so far, so expect a review for it in late March! (I mean, later than it already is. *cough*) It’s got a dash of gaslamp and semi-dystopian and it’s fascinating.
  • Betrayal by Blood by RJ Metcalf — Prequel to the steampunk-fantasy book Renegade Skyfarer! I need this in my life!
  • The Door to Camelot by Suzannah Rowntree — This is actually a re-release, which I share about later in the post under gorgeous-cover-reveals but YAY ARTHURIAN!
  • The Road to Bremen by Kelsey Bryant — This one actually released at the end of February, but I had to include it! Lovely retelling of the Bremen Town Musicians, with adorable illustrations! I love it so much. ❤
  • The Fourth Musketeer (Part 1) by Kyle Robert Shultz — This is a fabulous novella retelling of The Three Musketeers, featuring dragon-shifter Julio Aquino from Horseman and . . . another surprise character from the Afterverse. 😉 The first part is up on Kyle’s Patreon and the second half is coming April 2. (If you’re not on Patreon, the stories he puts up there will someday be collected in anthologies available elsewhere, just so you know!) I edited this and it’s one of the most fun things I’ve read in a long time. XD
  • Elapse by Sarah Holman — Pictured below since it’s not on Goodreads yet, but this is another short story in the Tales of Taelis series and it just released! 😀


(a.k.a. a free book and some gorgeous covers!)

Free through March 22

Retrieve by Sarah Addison-Fox is currently free on Kindle! (You may remember my review for it from before the gorgeous cover change!)


Speaking of gorgeous covers, in case you missed it . . .

The Electrical Menagerie has an epic new cover! And an audiobook! AAAHH! You need it in your life. ❤

There was also a cover reveal for an upcoming fairytale anthology called Encircled, featuring stories by Laurie Lucking (author of Common), E.J. Kitchens, J.M. Hackman, Jebraun Clifford, and others! It’s sooo pretty and sounds amazing!

Sarah Holman has a new Tales of Taelis short story out! I love this cover and can’t wait to catch up on the series! 🙂

Also, guys! Suzannah Rowntree is re-releasing her book, Pendragon’s Heir, as a TRILOGY with shiny new titles/covers! IT’S EXCITING. And a good reminder I need to get around to reading this!

What if King Arthur had a daughter?
Blanche was an ordinary girl in 1900 England…until the knight crashed through her door. Now, her guardians say she’s a princess lost in time.
Now, her father’s enemies want her dead.
Raised in the wild, Perceval has never known his father. Hoping for answers, he sets out to pledge his sword to the legendary King Arthur Pendragon. But dark forces threaten Camelot. And darker secrets fester behind the legend.
Sparks fly when Perceval steals a kiss from the strange damsel he finds in the forest. Blanche doesn’t trust this brash young knight…but as assassins close in, he might be her only chance of survival.
If you love Narnia and Middle Earth, you’ll be enchanted by this beautifully crafted Camelot! The Door to Camelot is Book One of Pendragon’s Heir, an acclaimed new Arthurian retelling now being re-released in three volumes.
Get it now (99 cents) • Goodreads


Or, the non-March-Magics part of it

I’m sort of laughing at myself right now since this is the photo I took at the beginning of the month, of what I wanted to read this month, and I’ve done none of them. I just haven’t had time to read and it’s BREAKING MY HEART but you know, life. *cough* Look at pretty books because they are pretty:

I’ve listened to all of fifteen minutes of Cress so far (no time for life! Aagh!) but so far it’s neat and Cress is adorable.

Haven’t touched the rest so far. *cries* I need a vacation dedicated to reading. 😛

I’m also still totally planning to read a couple of ebooks which might take precedence. So. You know. That might happen, they’re just less easy to take pictures of. XD


Other than, you know, a lack of reading this month . . . *cough* Here’s stuff I read last month!

February Reads

I talked about some of these in my February Ishness post on my other blog, but these were mostly fun. Beneath the Haunting Sea would be my favorite, with The Gilded Wolves being least-favorite. Scarlet is super fun as an audiobook! Also, I will be sharing a review for Ewan Pendle and the Castle of Nightmares as soon as my brain has a coherent moment between life things!

And there you are, my pagelings! Are you doing anything for March Magics? Do you have a favorite book by Diana Wynne Jones, or have you not read her yet? (This is an excellent time to remedy that!) And are you ready for Spring? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Bookish News Roundup/March Magics 2019!

  1. All the fun bookish things! 😀 I was highly considering rereading HMC this month for March Magics buuuut I just haven’t had time for reading either. *sobs* I think I’ve read like…half a book all month. IT IS SAD. TRAGIC REALLY. One day I will join in on March Magics. I know I say it every year, but I MEAN IT. ONE DAY.

    There are so many beautiful releases this month. *drooools* And oooh, a free book! *rushes to download it* Because I need more books on my Kindle. XD Also, somehow I totally missed this announcement about Encircled. :O BUT BUT BUT. NEW FAIRY TALE ANTHOLOGY. YES PLEASE. And it is so gorgeous! *drools even more*

    There’s just so many good bookish things going on right now! But yes, if only we had TIME to read all these things. A vacation dedicated to just reading sounds like the best vacation EVER. I need that! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was planning on reading it today but I’m not hooome so I don’t have my copy right now! D: Eheheh, I hear you. I always mean to do MORE for March Magics but you know. I’ve read two books this month — one was The Wee Free Men and one was a book I was editing, so I feel you. XD I don’t know what HAPPENED to the month!!

      YAS RELEASES! And I hear you, so many Kindle books. 😛 ENCIRCLED LOOKS SO COOL.

      We should totally make that vacation happen! XD


  2. I’m not doing anything for March Magics. *weeps into pillow* but I might celebrate post-Marchishly, because I really want to re-read all of the Chrestomanci books, it’s been a while, and I think it’s time. Maybe I’ll read them with Leiana, she liked Charmed Life. Also, I need to read Year of the Griffin and Hexwood.

    Thanks for the head’s up on The Door to Camelot being on sale! I had some amazon e-book credits so I grabbed a copy! Yay! I’ve had my eye on that one for a while)

    I’ve had a liiiiiittle bit of reading time the past week, and I’m almost halfway through Rothana and OH MY GOODNESS!!!! EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE!!! (Meaning that all my precious character-darlings are having a very rough time, not that the book is terrible, the book is wonderful and AAACK horrible because I’m so worried for everyone!!!!) Everything had better get all better soon, just sayin’.

    Always love your bookish posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hear you! I’m not having as much time to participate as I hoped. But you have an EXCELLENT excuse, namely MOVING!! So you are excused. I may be doing some March Magics catchup in April myself. ACK I really want to re-read the Chrestomanci books!! I nearly put a couple on my list for this month but I knew that then I would want to read ALL of them and I just didn’t have time. Reading them with Leiana sounds so fun!! And yessss, Year of the Griffin and HEXWOOD! 😀

      Oh, you’re welcome! It sounds delightful! (I have the previous version of the book, Pendragon’s Heir, on my Kindle and have for years and seriously need to get around to reading it!!)

      AAAAAAHHH. ROTHANA. I’M SO TERRIFIED. XD I still haven’t started it and I’m lowkey procrastinating it because of said EVERYTHING BEING TERRIBLE in the way that you meant. XD AWK AWK AWK. Everything better work out, yes! O_O And we’ll have to discuss it once we’ve both (hopefully) survived reading it. XD

      Aww, thank you! Always enjoy your comments! 😉 ❤


  3. EEE I’m so glad you’re liking the Lunar Chronicles!! Cress is such an adorable little thing, and she deserves all the love and hot chocolate. 😀

    AGHHH I’M READING HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE FOR THE FIRST TIME AND IT IS WONDERFUL. :DDD I. Just felt the need. To say that. XD It’s so FUN and WHIMSICAL. I’m pretty sure Howl is me, like, 96% of the time.

    “I need a vacation dedicated to reading.” <~ Also, yes to this. XDDD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yesss, it’s so fun, and I really like her so far!

      OH MY GOODNESS. This. makes. me. so. HAPPYYYY!!! 😀 I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Yes, I just love how fun and whimsical it is! I’m reading it right now tooo! Ahahah, that’s the best! I love Howl so much. XD

      That would just make life so much better. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I did kind of a reverse of the DWJ March theme this year as I reread House of Many Ways to remind myself why I didn’t like it – I had to get it from the library because it’s the only one of her books I don’t own. (The answer: Lubbocks. So creepy, I don’t even want them on my bookshelf.) I didn’t get around to anything else but I love seeing all the love for two of my favorite authors. I love the Hexwood quote, that’s the one I’m going to reread next I think!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, that’s fair! Yes, I love House of Many Ways in, well, many ways, but the Lubbocks is the reason I don’t reread it often. XD

      Yes, even if I never have as much time to read as I would like, seeing all the love for these authors is most of the fun of the month!

      I just reread Hexwood and love it even more now! Hope you enjoy your reread. 😀 Thanks for dropping by! ❤

      Liked by 1 person


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