Five Poisoned Apples: Falling Snow by Skye Hoffert (Review!)

*emerges from my post-NaNo coma to bring you a review for an INCREDIBLE book which YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST READ*

It’s here, guys! Five Poisoned Apples released December 1st, and I’m incredibly excited about it — particularly because of one specific story that I just read and is by my talented friend Skye Hoffert.

Y’ALL. I’M SO EXCITED. I’m excited for her debut novella, Falling Snow, being out now — go Skye!

I’m also excited because this story was genuinely amazing. I expected to enjoy it but I was not prepared AT ALL for how much it blew me away!

I can’t wait to tell you about. 😀

Title: Falling Snow (in Five Poisoned Apples)

Author: Skye Hoffert

  • Date read: November 29, 2018
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Genre: Fantasy / Fairytale / Retelling / Novella
  • Year pub: 2018
  • Fave character: Chayse
  • Source: The publisher
  • Notes: I received a free e-ARC of this anthology from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.
  • Links: GoodreadsAmazonSkye Hoffert’s Blog

Gorgeous interior cover artwork by Hannah S. J. Williams which totally captures it!

FALLING SNOW is a truly spectacular read. I’m utterly enchanted!

This review is going to be difficult to write, because how do I recover from something so amazing? MY FEELS. WHAT ARE WORDS. I’M PEN-SLAIN. I don’t know how to express how much I absolutely adored this story and how striking and thrilling it was and how it blew me away. But I’m going to give it a shot.

This tale is both mesmerizing and perilous, as a story about a circus run by fae should be. A deadly dance of deception and illusion and shadows. The first thing that comes to mind about this story is the feel, the atmosphere, the colors of it—the stark whites and blacks and reds and golds. It’s so vivid! There are so many contrasts—the grungy half of the circus performers versus the opulence of the queen’s side of things; the fire versus the cold (my favorite!); the calculated deception of the fae characters versus the pure innocence of Snow herself.

I love how you get this feeling where you hardly know where the magic ends and begins. I loved the fire-manipulating (and the character who does it!) but that’s the most obvious fantastical part—at least at first—and you’re sometimes left wondering about what is mere illusion and what is actual fantasy, which is just how a fae circus should be.

I really appreciated how perilous the fae characters were! Obviously, the evil queen character (this is, after all, a Snow White tale) who runs the circus was chilling and creepy. But the fae characters we like also had their edge of danger, which was fascinating, and I felt was totally true, somehow, to what a fae story should be. It was a natural part of what they’re like, but we, and Snow (the one human character), can see that it’s off a bit. But for the fae characters it’s part of their lives, a ruthless, deadly dance they live in—even if some of them wish for a way out.

The complete originality of a Snow White story set in a circus, and then the brilliant way that it wove in the different Snow White elements in unexpected ways, was so awesome! I can’t talk much about that here because of spoilers, but guys, it was genius. I love it so much. 😀

The writing was also incredible. Aaahh! I kept wanting to quote things and hoping to one day be able to write like that. Every word is sharp and in just the right place to absolutely drag you completely into the story and into the minds and lives of these characters I fell in love with. It immerses the reader completely into this circus world. I’m pretty sure I forgot to breathe for the last half of the story. O_O It’s super intense, and a bit bloody at times, so younger readers might find it a bit dark, but I absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop reading—the story was so thrilling and I had no idea how things were going to turn out!

Speaking of writing, I loved the alternating viewpoints of our main characters, Snow and Chayse, and getting to see everything (including each other) from different perspectives, and all the raw emotion from both, tucked down under the illusions. Which brings me to the last but opposite of least aspect: the characters!

I loved Snow and how precious she was, and how as the only human she was something kind of nice in the middle of the scary deceptions. But she wasn’t helpless either, and her goals and dreams and determination—not to mention her stubbornness and commitment to learning to walk the wire—really had me rooting for her, and sometimes breathless on the edge of my seat.

Chayse was my favorite, and part of that was learning about him throughout the story bit by bit, so I almost don’t want to say much about him! But he’s got a couple of unexpected roles thrown together, which was great, and his interactions with Snow are my favorite. ^_^ His interactions with the queen… O_O I felt really bad for this guy—my poor precious Chayse! He’s super dangerous but he also wants out. I loved him so much. And the fire… Needless to say, Chayse is absolutely awesome. 😀

And I can’t quite finish without mentioning Cynfael. This guy. O_O One of the most truly enigmatic characters I’ve read, ever. I kept changing my mind about his roles in the story, changing my feelings about him, and he kept me guessing. I can usually guess a character’s role but Cynfael defied conventions—the sneaky fae!—and I was genuinely blown away. (This writing, guys!) I’ll let you discover him yourself, because spoilers, but wow. Chayse and Cynfael also had some excellent scenes which I loved.

Oh, and (talking of Chayse and Cynfael) one final thing is the dialog. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. It’s so sharp. These characters are almost constantly exchanging either verbal duels or loads of snark or hidden meanings, and sometimes all three at once. It was absolutely fantastic. 😀

If I keep writing, my review will get as long as this novella, but FALLING SNOW is an absolutely stunning, breath-taking, edge-of-your-seat read. I positively adored it and plan to re-read it sometime!

I have yet to read the other tales in the FIVE POISONED APPLES collection because this one left me with a major book-hangover. I do look forward to trying them out, but even if you only get it for FALLING SNOW, it’s totally worth it.

You need Snow and Chayse and Cynfael and this gorgeous writing and super-aesthetic black-white-red-gold perilous-fae Snow White circus story in your life. YOU JUST DO. ❤

~ ~ ~

Whew. Sound like something you need? Because… GUYS. You do!

Also, do you have any favorite fae stories you can recommend to me??

How about circuses? (Thinking of The Electrical Menagerie, The Greatest Showman, and The Night Circus…)

*pretends I’m totally not eating a (totally-not-poisoned) apple while I write this post*

Talk to me! Thanks for reading! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Five Poisoned Apples: Falling Snow by Skye Hoffert (Review!)

  1. THIS. REVIEW. IS. PERFECTION. Oh my goodness, you captured it all SO WELL. You are absolutely right about the vivid contrasts of the story world, from sweet Snow to the scary fae, from the grungy circus to the Queen’s tent. Just EVERYTHING had such a stark contrast and it was gorgeous. It was honestly one of the most visually pleasing stories I’ve ever read like. Like Skye knows how to make a feast for your imagination with words. Just slkjdlfjsldjf. I LOVED IT.

    And the PLOT. Wasn’t the ending just O____O. I, too, am pretty sure I stopped breathing for a while because WUT.

    THEN THE CHARACTERS? Weren’t they they bessst???? Snow was such a precious female protagonist and CHAAAYSE! And then Cynfael. Oh man. xD I was right with you in that the first time I read it I was like DO I HATE HIM? DO I LOVE HIM? I DON’T KNOOOWWW! But he ended up becoming my favorite BECAUSE of that. He was such a complex, interesting character. UGH. THAT BOY.

    Okay now *I* need to stop before my comment is as long as the review. BUT I’M SO HAPPY YOU READ IT AND LOVED IT AND NOW WE CAN FANGIRL TOGETHER BECAUSE THIS STORYYYY!!!! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aaah thanks! I’m glad you think so and just WASN’T IT THE BESSST??? 😀 *flails around* Yes to what you said about a feast for our imagination with words!!

      GAH YES the ending and the plot and aaahh!

      CHAYYYYSE. YAS. And heheh you have read it twice sooo that makes sense. 😉 I so need to read it again now that I know thiiings! But yes, Cynfael is so complex!! O_O


      Liked by 1 person

  2. I could hardly read this review, I was holding back tears and screaming into a pillow. You said such sweet and amazing things! Stuff that I’m not sure I deserve. I am awful at taking any kind of compliment and this review is so wonderful. It’s almost overwhelming, but in a good way. Thank you so much for this! I feel like ‘thank you’ isn’t enough, I hope to return the favor some day. *HUGS* I have no words to sum up my feelings, which as a writer is a strange feeling. Just know this means the world to me, and I feel so blessed to have a friend like you!!! <333
    This review put the biggest smile on my face, I imagine it's going to be there a long time. Thank you!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, I’m so happy you liked it! You’re so welcome and thank YOU for writing such an awesome story and asking if I’d like to read it! *hugs Chayse and co.* I hope you keep writing more awesomeness! ^_^ And girl, you’ve totally made my day so many times, and I’m so glad I could as well! ❤


  3. So true! I love this novella so much! The characters are just fabulous. I like the point you make about their dialogue and interactions with each other. There’s always some hidden subtext with them. XD And the circus setting is fun, dangerous, and surprising. AH! Love it so much! Great review. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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