In Bookish News: September 2018

Hi everyone!

It’s time for bookish news, including fantasy-character-book-awards happening right now, September book releases, and bookishness I’ve been up to (a.k.a. what I’ve been reading and August’s book haul and possibly a nightstand).


There were a lot of books in August, but fewer this month. (…Most likely because most of them are coming out in October. O_O) But here are a few I’m excited about! 🙂

  • Armor of Aletheia by Ralene Burke (technically this was the end of August, but hey) — This sounds like an awesome fantasy story — and by a fellow Realmie, too! I’m always up for an outcast princess and a bounty hunter hero sent after her… 😀 I’m excited to read it. 🙂 And I love the purple!
  • Kate’s Conundrum by Sarah Holman (September 1) — Wait, didn’t a Kate book just come out a few months ago, you ask? Yes it did, but there’s another one already, I’m SO STOKED about this story! I love the Kate’s Case Files books. 😀 (Plus, the cover makes me happy.)
  • Magnolia Summer by Melanie Dickerson (September 5) — This just came out yesterday and it’s a Zorro-esque historical romance set in Alabama! I’m so curious about it and it’s GORGEOUS! (Plus, it’s Melanie’s first self-published book, and the very first book she wrote, so that’s cool.)
  • I also hear a rumor of the second book in the Green Princess trilogy by H.L. Burke possibly releasing this month… Because she’s a writing machine. 😉 Which reminds me that I’m excited to read the FIRST book in that series… ahem. 😛

The Silmaril Awards

The Silmaril Awards are back!

You can learn more about them here at the shiny new official website, but basically it’s a fan-voted just-for-fun award to choose the best characters from fantasy literature, in different categories.

Nominations are happening right now! so you can check out the list of categories to nominate HERE! And you can drop by my own post, where I’m hosting the Wisest Counselor (a.k.a. best mentor-type characters) award — and leave a comment nominating your favorite wise fantasy characters! 🙂

Nominations are only open a couple more days (September 7 is the last day) before moving on to the voting round, so make sure you get in your nominees and second those already nominated!

August Book Haul

I wasn’t going to get many books after my Realm Makers book escapades, but a Bryan Davis sale happened, and I won a couple books (the top two — thanks to the author), and I last-minute suddenly went to a library sale (because absurdly-cheap-books — yay!) sooo I got a few. *nervous laughter*

August Reads

As always, you can find links to these HERE on Goodreads.

This was The Month of the Re-Read, apparently. I re-read many things.


  • Cart and Cwidder + Drowned Ammet by Diana Wynne Jones — It was so much fun re-reading these. 🙂 Which reminds me, I need to pop over to the DWJ Goodreads group and squeal about these, since the Dalemark Quartet is our summer bookclub read… Can’t wait to read the next two!
  • Magician’s Ward – Patricia C. Wrede — I finally read the first in the series, so of course I had to re-read this one, and Mairelon is still AWESOME. I love Regency Fantasy. 😀
  • Right Ho, Jeeves – P. G. Wodehouse — I’ve been audiobooking this one for awhile, listening in snatches while on walks or doing mindless chores like laundry, because my new phone means I can LISTEN TO THINGS and I’m so happy. Anyway, this was delightful and hilarious as always, and Jeeves and Bertie are CLASSIC. 😀

New Small Reads

  • Windswept – Sarah Delenah White — SO MUCH ADORBZ. AND FEELZ. And I loved it. (It’s by the author of Halayda. Of course I loved it.)
  • Initiation – Grace Bridges — I read this in a handy pamphlet given to me by the author when I had a mentor appointment with her at Realm Makers. It was an intriguing short story and made me curious about her Earthcore series, featuring New Zealand superheroes. 🙂
  • East of the Sun and West of the Moon — This was a random picture book I read. Because I’ve been meaning to brush up on this fairytale. It mayyy or may not be squeezing its way into one of my WIPs? We shall see.

New Reads

  • Mairelon the Magician – Patricia C. Wrede — I finally read this one (which takes place before Magician’s Ward) and while I didn’t love it as much as its sequel, it was still delightful! And I finally got to learn how Kim and Mairelon met. 🙂 🙂 Regency fantasy is (still) awesome!
  • Fly Away – Patricia MacLachlan — I hardly ever read contemporary, but I LOVE this author. This book was adorable and sweet and just precious and let me hug it.
  • The Worth of a King – Kendra E. Ardnek — Really enjoyed this new fantasy release! You can check out my review if you missed it, but basically Prince Delaney is MY FAVORITE and I need a winged horse and a cream cake ASAP.

September Nightstand

I’m currently in the middle of reading:

  • Fawkes – Nadine Brandes (review book)
  • Cinder – Marissa Meyer (for fun)

Hoping to read soon:

  • Spice Bringer – H.L. Burke (Fellowship of Fantasy Bookclub book of the month for September)
  • The Orphan’s Wish – Melanie Dickerson (review book)

I’m also have two or three re-reads, I a couple of books to edit and one to beta-read, and there’s also a couple of ebook review books… All of which adds up to about a dozen books. So I’m definitely going to stay busy this month. XD (Even if it wasn’t looking like it was already going to be a crazy month… *wilts slightly*)

I also just finished re-reading The Beast of Talesend (glorious as ever) and listening to Worldbuilding From the Inside Out by Janeen Ippolito (thanks to the author for the free audiobook code!) and enjoyed it. Mini review on Goodreads here. I told you I’ve been enjoying audiobooks suddenly. 😉

Bookish giveaway coming soon

Oh! And I’ll be having a blogiversary on my other blog (5 years since I started blogging! :O) next week, and I’m going to be giving away booooks! So… watch for that. 😉

That’s what I have for you today. Let me know what you’re currently reading or any bookish things you’re excited for! Thanks for reading! 🙂

6 thoughts on “In Bookish News: September 2018

  1. Armor of Aletheia sounds interesting. It’s going on my TBR! I’m very excited for the possibility of East, West making its way into one of your books; I love the fairy tale and I think it needs more appreciation!

    Also, I find it super weird that I’ve read an H. L. Burke book before you have. It’s just such a reversal of the normal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! It sounds super intriguing, I agree!

      And thanks! I… really should become more familiar with it, since it seems like a cool fairytale. It may or may not replace (or at least meld with) the Beauty and the Beast part of the B&B/Snow Queen book in my Sky Voyages series. They’re all really much more “inspired by” fairytales than outright “retellings” but it’s fun linking things up, so. 😛

      *laughs* I was too busy to be a reviewer and… yeah. 😛 There’s a backlog of her books I haven’t gotten to, but it’s getting where I can’t even keep up with the new ones. XD I’m excited to read it though! 🙂


  2. The whole planning on not getting new books in a while thing and then accidentally buying a whole big stack is sooooo me. Actually, I did that very thing this week. :-/ The struggle is REAL. But your stack looks so pwettyyyy.

    I love how you reread a bunch this last month! I’ve missed rereading, but there’s so many NEW books to read, I feel guilty rereading. GAH. It’s a problem! But anyway, it looks like you had some lovely reads! I didn’t know East of the Sun and West of the Moon is sneaking into your WIP. :O FUN. I’ve never read any retellings of that one that I can remember. But I do know Jessica Day George’s Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is based off of that one and I’ve been meaning to read it forever!

    YES to your currently reading stack! It’s so pretty. If only Cinder was blue, then they’d all match!

    These posts always make me happy, seeing all the bookish things. I hope September is a month full of amazing reads for you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bwahaha, join me in the bookish insanity! XD Ahem. But it’s fuuun! And thanks! 🙂

      I hardly ever reread for the same reason, but it’s FUN. And we really shouldn’t feel guilty, because reading SHOULD be fun and we should read what we want, even if we’re not “making progress” on our TBRs. Aiii-aii-aii. Bookworms are complicated. 😛 DID YOU NOT? :O *has been remiss* But I’m honestly not as familiar with East/West retellings/stories as I should be, so that’s part of why I’m not totally sure if it’s ACTUALLY going to be part of my stories… heh. But we’ll see. I do have a copy of Jessica Day George’s and should totally read it!

      YAS! I love when books match. They make me happy. XD

      Aww, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy reading them! They’re fun to write. 😛 Thanks! I hope your September is an awesome readerly month for you too! ❤



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