In Bookish News: May 2018 + Hiatus

I’m going on hiatus but thought I’d share a quick list of bookish things going on this month!

Fellowship of Fantasy is hosting a fun #MayWeRead hashtag game if you’d like to get in on that! *is so tempted but hiatus*

Speaking of Fellowship of Fantasy, in the bookclub we’re reading Common by Laurie Lucking this month and I’m super excited to try that one! I’ve never been much of a bookclub person, but I love this club. XD

Indie E-Con is coming up May 21-26 and I hear tell of a scavenger hunt or Facebook party or both on the 19th I believe… Check out the website for all the fun that’s going on.


I probably won’t be reading any of these any time soon (except the first one), but I do like to keep up with what’s coming out that looks intriguing, so I thought I’d share!

(Titles link to Goodreads.)

  • The Story Peddler – Lindsay A. Franklin — Currently reading this one, which just released, so expect a review soon! šŸ˜€
  • The Penderwicks at Last – Jeanne Birdsall — The final Penderwicks and I’m NOT READY. *sobs* I hope my library gets this one.
  • In the Region of the Summer Stars – Stephen R. Lawhead — Celtic fantasy is something I’m always up for.
  • All That We See or Seem – Kristina Mahr — I almost wish Uncommon Universes would stop coming up with amazing-looking books; my TBR is suffering.
  • Dissociate – Sarah Addison-Fox — MEEP.
  • Dagger’s Sleep – Tricia Mingerink — Sleeping Beauty? I’m intrigued. šŸ˜‰

I will probably be back for a book review or maybe more than one, but for the most part I’m not focusing on blogging this May, so consider this a hiatus notice.

I hope you have a wonderfully bookish May, friends!

Perhaps I’ll be back in early June with a June In Bookish News post. šŸ˜›

Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚

Dream away in those pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer / Deborah O’Carroll

9 thoughts on “In Bookish News: May 2018 + Hiatus

  1. Oh man, that hashtag games looks so fun! But yeeeeah, I don’t have the time either. I really need to focus on my own projects this month and not join in on all these things. Eheh. But yes, so tempting!

    But oh my goodness, look at all the pretty releases coming! :O They’re all so gorgeous! So fun Lawhead is doing a Celtic fantasy. And All That We See Or Seem is so pwettyyyy. Also I am DYING to read The Story Peddler. I can’t wait to see your thoughts on it! EEP. All the books!

    I shall miss your posts and things, but breaks are good things. (We’re such twins taking a hiatus in May. xD) I do hope it is a very relaxing and rejuvenating break! You deserve it! <333

    Liked by 1 person

    • I knooow. Hashtag games are so tempting. XD But projects!

      Yes! They all look so good! And thanks! I can’t wait to see my thoughts on it too because that’ll mean I’ve finished. XD Enjoying it so far. šŸ™‚

      Brain twins! The best time to take a hiatus is together. ^_^ And thank you so much! I just hope I can get my things done I need to do first so that I CAN get to start my hiatus! XD


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