March Magics 2018!

It’s MARCH, guys!

Which means March Magics/DWJ March (hosted by We Be Reading). Which means celebrating Diana Wynne Jones and her books (as well as Terry Pratchett and his). Which means: one of my favorite times of year! 😀

This year’s theme is short stories… and here’s what I’m hoping to read this month for March Magics!

Nightstand: March Magics edition (March 2018)

  • The Game, The Homeward Bounders, & A Sudden Wild Magic by Diana Wynne Jones — I haven’t read these yet, so I’m looking forward to reading them. New DWJ reads are always a treat, and I’ve heard a lot about these so I’m curious! March Magics is the perfect excuse to read these. 🙂
  • Dragons at Crumbling Castle & A Blink of the Screen by Terry Pratchett — These are on the readalong list, consisting of short stories, so I’m looking forward to checking them out. 🙂 Especially the Discworld ones in the second book, and the fact that Dragons at Crumbling Castle consists of stories he wrote when he was 17 and they look fun. XD
  • I also Fully Intend to get my hands on a copy of Diana Wynne Jones’ Unexpected Magic short story collection sometime this month when it’s in at the library… so that’ll be my DWJ short story readings for the month if I can can get to it, because I’ve been meaning to read that one for AGES.
  • And I have some other review books etc. (not pictured) which I need to read soon as well, so that’s probably all (or more than!) I can handle this month. (Though if I happen to feel like some other DWJ or Pratchett book and find time, I will definitely not complain.) But I’m really looking forward to them!

As for blogging-related things, we’ll see what I get to, but I’m hoping to post at least a couple of other March Magics posts this month, so stay tuned!

Mostly, I’m just really looking forward to spending the month reading books by my favorite author and generally immersing myself in all the DWJ goodness, because it makes me happy. ^_^

Are you planning to read anything by Diana Wynne Jones or Terry Pratchett this month? Because you totally should! And if you’d like a few more DWJ-related things, you can check out my DWJ Project page. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Dream away in those pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer / Deborah O’Carroll

11 thoughts on “March Magics 2018!

  1. I’d like to read more DWJ, but I don’t know if I’ll have time . . . we’ll see. I probably will try to read some Pratchett on the drive either to or from home for spring break, but DWJ is harder to get in eBook.

    I hope you enjoy your reading this month! DWJ is always the best. 😀

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  2. Your love for DWJ is the BEST! It makes me happy. ^_^ I reeeeally need to read more of her stories myself. It’s shameful how few of hers I’ve tried. AND I need to try some Terry Pratchett sometime. Again, shameful I’ve never read ANY of his. What kind of bookworm am I? *shakes head* So many books, so little tiiime. Meep!

    ANYWAYS. You’ll have to let me know your thoughts on all of these when you read them. I’m super curious about ALL of them! And I can’t wait for the fun March Magics posts you have for us. *twirls in all the fantasy fun*

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    • Aww, thanks! It makes me happy too! XD YES YOU DO! (*whispers*readChrestomanciiii) I don’t even know if Pratchett would be your thing or not, but you should definitely try sometime — maybe Guards! Guards! 😀

      I definitely will do so! I’m thinking about some kind of wrapup post this month where I talk about them… we’ll see… THANKS! ❤


  3. I really need to read more Pratchett books. I’ve only read one, and it was like book #18 or something… (okay, it was bugging me that I couldn’t remember what # it was. The book was Maskerade, and actually #19!) a friend gave it to me with a stern, “You WILL like this book!” and I wanted to tell her that starting at book #19 wasn’t something I felt was conducive to falling in love with an author, but she glared at me with Sophie-like fierceness, so I didn’t argue with her.

    I did like the book, actually, but I was also REEAALLY confused. (Didn’t help that I was wholly unfamiliar with the plot or story behind Phantom of the Opera, as well, so the satire was completely lost on me). XD

    I am looking forward to a nice, relaxing March of reading… and drafting… and probably not much time spent on my blog… or online at all, really.

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    • I hit “post comment” before I was done writing. Silly of me, really.

      I am planning on reading some DWJ books… as I told you earlier! I was actually remember “March Magics” before it was over this year (so proud of myself!) and grabbed a few I haven’t read before from the library. The Game is one I grabbed, as well as the Dark Lord of Derkholm and the sequel. I have a couple of others, as well… probably more than I can get through in a month… but c’est la vie.

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    • Haha, that’s funny! I haven’t read that one yet. XD The ones I’ve read, at least I started at sub-series beginnings. I imagine popping in like that might be confusing; and I don’t really know Phantom of the Opera either, so I feel ya! (Sophie-like fierceness = the best!)

      Hurrah for picking up som DWJ books! Hopefully you’ll love them! 😀 I feel the same — not sure if I’ll get to all the reading I want to, but I can try. 😛

      I hope you enjoy a restful March! ❤



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