The Stroke of Eleven (by Kyle Robert Shultz) – Beaumont & Beasley, #3

(Pretty cover is pretty…)

Title: The Stroke of Eleven

Author: Kyle Robert Shultz

  • Date read: December 3, 2017
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Genre: Fairytale retelling (Cinderella / Beauty and the Beast / Alice in Wonderland / etc.)
  • Age: YA
  • Year pub: 2017
  • Pages: 255 (Kindle)
  • Series: Beaumont & Beasley, #3
  • Fave character: DON’T MAKE ME PICK. (*ignores fact that I’m the one who asks myself these questions*)
  • Source: The author
  • Notes: I received a free e-copy of this book from the author (thanks!); these opinions are entirely my own.
  • Links: GoodreadsAmazonAuthor’s Website


So much of this story is mind-boggling twists, and it’s basically a walking spoiler, so HOW I am even going to BEGIN to talk about this is just…

*takes deep breath*

This will be a spoiler-free review, and I will attempt coherency, but basically: everyone needs to read this so that I can talk about it, because if the whole world has read it, then nothing will be a spoiler anymore, right? Right. Problem solved!

Anyway. Reviewing.

MEEP. <—[My entire reaction to the entire book.]



*calms self*

I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about a few of the things. Because wow, things GO DOWN in this and nothing will be the same. O_o It was honestly exhausting to read. So, good news for all you people who love feelsy books: this one is for you. XD

I… ahem… do NOT always love feelsy books, so like I said, I’m kind of on the fence on some things… BUT once I got over it, I think I figured out that I’m mostly worried about what will happen in future books, and not AS much about what actually happened in this one (or did it?), so since that’s kind of a silly thing to worry about, I’ll just say: this was a good book. An excellently written one, in fact. And it’s brilliant/genius/mindboggling, and as long as I don’t worry about what future books will hold for my precious character friends, or about some of the sort-of things that kind of maybe happened (or not? Time travel is confusing, guys.), I can say: I LOVED IT! 😀

It’s a fairytale retelling/reworking/mashup/THING, featuring Cinderella, dashes of Alice in Wonderland, continuations of Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid (because of the first two books) and TIMEY-WIMEY STUFF. How cool is that? VERY cool.

And I can’t say much about the plot because SPOILERS. (So. many.) But I’ll do what I can.

Nick and Cordelia continue to be one of my favorite things—seriously, I love their relationship and banter SO MUCH. And just them as characters. THEY ARE THE BEST. ❤ Crispin kind of isn’t in it as much, since he and Molly are kind of… out of the way near the beginning, but I didn’t actually mind as much as I thought I might. Because the explosion of plot twists, and Nick and Cordelia being adorable, kind of distracted me. XD (ButIloveCrispinokayarewegoodyesCrispinCrispinCrispin.) The Mythfits are back, being quirky as ever. 😉 MALCOLM returns—I was kind of unsure about him in Tomb of the Sea Witch, but gaaahh, I love him now. So much. We also meet exciting NEW characters!

And I quite liked the Cinderella and prince characters. They were great! 🙂 The Cinderella story was fascinating in this! (Any story that is very involved with a clock/midnight is a prime candidate for a time-travel story. ;)) And yay for dashes of steampunk!

There are SO many new developments, and time-travel-y thiiings (some of which are frankly terrifying, but you know). And DID I MENTION TWISTS? There are twists, people. o.o TWIIISTS. O____O And I guessed a couple of them and they happened and I’m in shock but wow, and I don’t know how I feel, but ALL THE THINGS. Also the White Rabbit. Yes. Wow.

AND THERE WERE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST THINGS. I know it’s silly, because the Disney cartoon isn’t even an original thing, and I only saw it once, but I was ridiculously happy about a little moment or two in this that was B&B-ish. XD (And there was a thrown roll. Just sayin’.)

Anyway, Nick and Cordelia and Crispin are some of my favorite EVER characters. I’m immensely attached to them. Plus I adore the Afterverse, and fairytales in general, and time travel hurts my brain, and what I mean to say is this book was excellent. Exhausting and hard for me to decide if I’m okay with a thing or two, but excellent. XD

And did I mention it’s still hilarious? No? Because IT’S STILL HILARIOUS. I don’t know HOW Kyle Shultz does all of this—hilarious, fairytale, timey-wimey, plot twist, epic, fun adventure, with all the feels, and my favorite characters. I’M KIND OF EMOTIONALLY INVESTED. If you can’t tell. Ahem.

SO, I LIED. This wasn’t a coherent review. Oh well.

Now you know what I think (kind of… as much as I know… which isn’t very much…), so you can dash off and read the book yourself so that we can discuss spoilery things… And if you can’t yet, because you haven’t read The Beast of Talesend, well WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, YOU POOR SOUL. *shoos you off to go read that one because you’re missing out*

If you need me, I’ll just be over here in the corner, emotionally worn out and confused and waiting for another Beaumont and Beasley adventure. Send help. Or, no, send tea and cakes and the next book, and a safe where I can keep the characters protected from all the MEEPery. (It’s a word, shush.)

(This is why I don’t write reviews at one a.m.)

Some Favorite Quotes

So… parachutes. Not fun. I’ve never liked heights. I like them even less when I’m falling from them.


“Look… we come in peace.”

“No, we don’t!” cried Cordelia. “We don’t come in peace! We go in abject terror!”


Getting eaten by evil pumpkins was very low on my list of preferred ways to die.


“My name is Gervase,” he informed us.

“My condolences.”


Malcolm stopped me with a gesture before I could speak to him. “Please, don’t say anything. Whatever it is, I’ve already heard it.” He started doing a very poor imitation of my voice and accent. “Malcolm! Crikey! You’re so young! What’s going on here? Who’s that girl? I’m so confused! Oi!”

“I do /not/ sound like that,” I growled.

Melody smacked him on the back of the head. “Don’t be rude, grumpy-scales.”


“The White Rabbit Society is now assembled.” Kanin’s tone was solemn and ceremonial. “May the clock strike twelve.”

“May the clock strike twelve,” echoed everyone, including Cordelia.

I looked from one to the other in bewilderment. “Right. That wasn’t weird at all.”


“…but a scheme this brazen could get us all killed. Repeatedly.”


Melody moved over to a table laden with refreshments. She picked up some sandwiches and began gleefully throwing them at random people.

“She reminds me of you,” I said to Cordelia.

“Oh, really? I can’t imagine why.”


“Shut up and be magical.”


That was cheating, of course. But I was perfectly willing to cheat time, death, and any other inexorable force of nature for Crispin’s sake… regardless of what the consequences might be.


“Cinderella and Prince Charming.”

They both gave me displeased looks.

“What?” I shrugged. “That’s who you are, isn’t it?”

Cinderella rubbed her eyes. “I do wish people didn’t remember me by that ridiculous nickname my stepsisters made up.”

“And I have an actual name,” said Matteo. “Why do they never remember the princes’ actual names? Plus the fact that they made me out to be a complete idiot. How insane would you have to be to try finding a girl based on her shoe size?”


“Chin up, Gareth!” said Malcolm, with a sort of crazed cheerfulness. “Why worry? We’re Beaumont and Beasley! We live for danger!”

“Technically, only Cordelia, Crispin, Molly, and I are Beaumont and Beasley,” I reminded him.

“At this point, I’d say we’re all honorary members by virtue of shared insanity.”

~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~

Talk to me, fellow page dreamers! Have you read The Stroke of Eleven, or either of the first two Beaumont and Beasley books?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Dream away in those pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer / Deborah O’Carroll


17 thoughts on “The Stroke of Eleven (by Kyle Robert Shultz) – Beaumont & Beasley, #3

  1. Ah, yes, all the internal screaming and mind-tangling and the feels! I just posted my own review, but I have to say, most of the timey-wimey stuff doesn’t bother me — honestly, I’m really enthralled with it. I’m not one to easily become afraid by the thought of danger coming to major characters — as long as it’s well-written, I’ll survive pretty much anything. (But apparently I’m a rare breed?!) Though I definitely agree, tea and cakes are needed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • SO MUCH SCREAMING AND FEELS. XD It was… erm… more some of the THINGS happening with beloved characters. o.o But yes, congrats on being a rare breed! 😉 I loved the timey-wimey stuff too, even if there were just so many feels involved! Tea and cakes all around then! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Accurate review is accurate! Just… *SHRIEKS FOREVER* UGH. THIS BOOK. THE FEELS. ALL OF THEM. ALL THE FEELS.

    “MEEP. <—[My entire reaction to the entire book.]" YEPPPP. SO TRUE. XD Though I…LIKED the feels because I don't value my heart at all I guess??? I mean, during some of the feels I was just like, "WHAT EVEN. NOPE. NOOOO." But I still enjoyed how this one was deeper and feelsier than the other two so…I DON'T KNOW. It was a wild ride and still has me reeling and just I CAN'T.

    But CELTI. ALL THE TIMEY-WIMEY THINGS. AND ALICE IN WONDERLAND. This book was like made for me! Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, time travel, and Alice in Wonderland. Could there ever be a more ME book??? I literally kept squealing at every. single. Wonderland reference I saw. XDDD I'm such a nerd! I also loooved this version of Cinderella and the Prince. They were great! Plus the way their story was told was pure GENIUS.

    Nick and Cordelia made me squeal approximately 100000 times in this story. (The nods to Disney's Beauty and the Beast movie were hilarious!) And Malcolm was EPIC. I agree, the lack of Crispin was a little sad, but it was also good to focus a lot on Nick and Cordelia so I was okay with it in the end.

    Loooooved the quotes you chose! You're making me want to reread it even though I JUST finished it!

    “My name is Gervase,” he informed us.
    “My condolences.”
    ^MY FAVORITE. I laughed SO HARD.

    This comment is so all over the place and incoherent but just…THIS BOOK. ALL THE MEEPERY YES. *FLAAAAILS* This review captured it all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • SO MANY FEELS YES! O_O *collapses* We definitely need to have a spoilery email discussion. XD

      I really enjoyed it too! I mean, yes, there were those NOT OKAY feeling moments, but all the same it was brilliant! 😛

      AAAHH I’M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED IT SO MUCH! I do remember thinking it was totally just made for YOU because of all the things! 😀 I loved Cinderella and her prince too! 🙂

      NICK AND CORDELIA AAAHH. Yes, I loved those little nods. SO MUCH ADORBZ ALKSDJLFKJ. Ho-hum, I guess not EVERYthing can be totally Crispin-based… 😉 (We def need to spoiler-discuss!!!) And yay for more Nick and Cordelia! ALWAYS a good thing!

      Yes, the quotes. XD I literally had like 30 of the BEST ones that I wanted to share and I just BARELY got it down to this. Eheh. 😛 SO many good quotes — and that’s even leaving out the spoilery ones, of which = many! XD


      I love your comment SO MUCH, and flailing about these books together has been so very very fun! Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my review! Thankee for your loverly comment! ❤


  3. Thank you so much, Deborah!! I’m really excited about this review; I’ve been showing it to everyone who will hold still for more than three seconds. XD It means a lot to me that you enjoyed the book so much. Writing it was a little nerve-racking because I wasn’t sure how all these big twists would be received, but the reaction has been surprisingly positive overall, to my great relief. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! Haha, thanks — now I feel famous. XD I’m a little shocked I enjoyed it, myself, because THOSE TWISTS. o.o MEEP. But at the same time it was brilliant and I loved it and just WHAT ARE THESE FEELS I’M FEELING, YOU AUTHOR. XD Glad the reactions are mostly positive! That must be nerve-racking, yes. o.o Thanks!


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  5. I JUST read the first Beaumont and Beasley a couple days ago and I LOVED it, so naturally I desperately want to read this now too- except that I have to read book 2 first and I’ve spent nearly all my Amazon money. Botheration. But anyway. I completely understand why you love this series, ’cause it’s very much awesome. *Nods*

    Liked by 1 person

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