Random News + Nightstand Books {September 2017}

Hey, my Pagelings! Time for some random news and September’s Nightstand Books! 🙂


It’s my Blogoversary + A Giveaway!

Yes indeed, I’m celebrating the 4th blogoversary of my other blog, The Road of a Writer, with an epic giveaway of a few fantasy books, so check it out if you haven’t! ^_^

Interviewed + Testing the Freelance Waters

I’m stepping into freelance copy-editing and web-designing, and was interviewed by Emily Ann Benedict! 🙂

Other News

So, you know those random news-bits that aren’t enough to actually POST about but you want people to know? I usually post such things on my Twitter so follow me there because I’m fun or sometimes my Goodreads… But a couple of fun things I wanted share here today…

Remember when I reviewed that modern fantasy book Masters and Beginners by Daley Downing? Well it has a shiny new cover by Kyle Shultz, and is now available on Barnes & Noble.

Also, I’d like to mention that one of the books listed below as next-to-read, is a collection of novellas, and you can get one of those as well as a novelette prequel, for free. 🙂

Free thing…

Rose of the Night by Hope Ann is a novelette prequel, available for free for signing up for her newsletter, here.

And another…

Rose of the Oath is a Beauty and the Beast retelling by Hope Ann, available for free download on Amazon and elsewhere.


Aaand on to Nightstand Books, a blogging meme created by Jenelle Schmidt and DJ Edwardson — to share and be excited about the books we’re reading each month!

It’s usually the first Wednesday of the month, but sometimes I’m late never late, Frodo Baggins, nor am I early; I arrive precisely when I mean to. *cough*

(Join in here if you want!)

The titles below link to Goodreads.

September Nightstand

Most of the books this month are digital ones, but here’s a few on the physical nightstand…

  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Ellen Miles — I picked this up at a library sale recently and couldn’t resist reading it right away! Super short and cute read, an enjoyable mostly-traditional version of my favorite fairytale. I did like the couple of tweaks though! 🙂 And it was just generally… fun. *shrug* 4 stars
  • Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World by Bryan Davis — Look for a review of this one next week as part of the blog tour! I’ve only read one other superhero novel, and I don’t read Middle-Grade too often, so I’m excited for this because it’s different for me and fun, plus Bryan Davis. 😀
  • Mind Writer by Mike Lynch and Lisa Godfrees — I was given a copy of this and am trying to catch up on things I should review, so I’d like to read it soon. ^_^ It looks more sci-fi-y than my usual reading-zone, so that’s going to be interesting. Sometimes that’s enjoyable though, to try new things! 🙂

Digital Nightstand

Not pictured:

  • And a couple of beta-read projects for friends, which I hope to finish this month, or next month at latest…

Don’t know if some of these will be moving to next month, as usual… But I do have a lofty goal to finish all my review and beta books before NaNo hits. So. Yes. Either way, hopefully I’ll have these all done eventually!

I do have another stack of books off to one side that I really, really want to read, if I catch up on review books… but I didn’t share those since I have no idea when I’ll get to them. XD

August Nightstand: Take 2

On that subject, August’s nightstand looked less like I thought it would be in my last Nightstand post, and more like this:

(Find them on Goodreads here.)

  • The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien — LOVED this re-read! ❤
  • Beren and Luthien by J.R.R. Tolkien — So enjoyable and awesome! ❤
  • The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge — I adored this to BITS. ❤ Everyone needs to read it.

  • Perception by Emily Ann Benedict — My Review. Now I need the next Vintage Jane Austen book! 🙂
  • An Earthly King by Hazel B. West — This re-read was a delight! 😀 [Last year’s review.]
  • Magicians’ Trial by H.L. Burke — My Review. Aaand now I need more Spellsmith & Carver…
  • Yorien’s Hand by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt — I absolutely LOVED re-reading this, so I’m finally caught up on the series AND NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW. ❤ [Last year’s review.]

Not pictured:

  • Plus the picture books listed in the original post. ^_^
  • And beta-reading the sequel to Masters and Beginners by Daley Downing. I need it to be finished/published please… 😀

So sometimes I’m totally wrong about what I’ll be reading, but hey, all of those were awesome, so. 😉

ANYWAY. There’s some stuff that’s been up lately, an update on my August nightstand (whoops), and my projected September nightstand. So now you know ALL the bookish things in my life. XD

What are you reading these days? 🙂

Thanks for reading! ^_^

Dream away in those pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer / Deborah O’Carroll

15 thoughts on “Random News + Nightstand Books {September 2017}

  1. Thank you so much for the spotlight! I’m trying to get back to working on finishing Volume 2 — Muffin’s been sick, and so have I, and editing has really taken a back seat this week! Hopefully that will change pretty soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh. Look at you with your fancy paperback copy of Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World. I just finished reading my e-copy today and it was awesome. I think you’ll like it. (But I’m ok with not having a normal copy, because it’s only $7 and I should support authors anyway.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Erm… ahem. Yes. 😛 I opted for a paperback even though I SHOULD have been sane and picked an ebook in case it didn’t arrive with enough time to read it… But I actually did just manage to read it, and yes, it was great fun! 😀 (And thanks for clarifying. XD I should support authors too and do sometimes but ack. All the books!) I must get my review written here soon on time for the tour… o.o Yours was awesome! Glad you liked it! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww, glad you re-enjoyed Yorien’s Hand! I promise, I am typing my fingers into bloody stubs trying to get Minstrel’s Call finished…. okay, maybe not quite that bad… but yes… working hard!

    All of these look so great! Always love seeing your nightstand posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I always enjoy your random news posts! Twitter is great for that, but sometimes it’s nice to have them listed out in a single blog post. I just love how you do that occasionally! ^_^ Also, I was ECSTATIC to see Rose of the Oath was free. I rushed over to Amazon to download it…only to discover it’s already on my Kindle. XDDD #Blonde I apparently downloaded it at some point or another, and totally forgot. I have so many things on my Kindle… One day I should probably actually READ them. *cough*

    That Twelve Dancing Princesses book looks adorable! And I CAN’T WAIT to hear your thoughts on the Bryan Davis book. It’ll be interesting to see how he fairs with the MG genre since YA is his usual thing. But it looks really good! I’ve never heard of Mind Writer but just the title alone sounds very intriguing. o.o

    All your digital reads look so yummy and are things I really want to read sometime. Except I’ve never heard of Disowned but that cover is so prettyyyy!

    I love all the Tolkien you immersed yourself in last month! 😀 Plus so many other amazing looking books. Just all the wonderful bookish things! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • D’aww, thank you! ^_^ I kind of see what you mean, and I’m glad you like! Haha, I’ve so done that. XD I have sooo much in my Kindle app too and just… eep. It’s a problem. 😛 I should definitely read them someday too! 😉 But hey, at least you have it, one way or another! 😀

      FYI, he did REALLY good with MG. 😉 I can’t wait to post about it! Yep, Mind Writer is an intriguing title! I thiiink it’s futuristic or dystopia or sci-fi or something but honestly don’t know. XD I should read it and find out. 😛

      All the books! It kills me I’ve been too busy to devour them lately! :O But soon.

      ALL THE TOLKIEN! It’s been lovely, since it’s been so long since I’ve done that. 🙂 ALSO READ THE LITTLE WHITE HORSE BECAUSE SLKJDFLKASJDLKFJ IT’S AMAZING OH MY WORD. ❤

      Thanks for your loverly commenttt! ^_^


    • Yes! They do seem kinda rare? I’ve only read this one and Twinepathy. 🙂 (Both super fun! ;)) This wasn’t a specifically-Christian-message book, but I agree that it’s great to find one by a Christian author! ^_^ It’s a really, really fun book, and clean and awesome and just– yes, check it out! 😀 Will be reviewing soon. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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