Ten Things I Love About The Beast of Talesend by Kyle Robert Shultz

Title: The Beast of Talesend
Author: Kyle Robert Shultz

  • Date read: May 17, 2017
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Genre: Fantasy / Fairytale Retelling / Mystery / Alt-20s Fairytale history
  • Age: YA
  • Year pub: 2017
  • Pages: 128 (paperback)
  • Series: Beaumont & Beasley, #1 (Sequel, NOW, please? *holds hand out imperiously*)
  • Fave character: Nick and Crispin!
  • Source: Amazon

Beauty and the Beast + 1920s detective story + alternate history where all the fairytales were, well… actual history + snark + humor + lovable and entirely unconventional characters = The Beast of Talesend by Kyle Robert Shultz, a.k.a. The Book You Need To Read Right Now.

Not convinced? LET ME CONVINCE YOU. Ahem. (Fangirling may ensue. You have been warned.)

10 Things I love about this book:

1. IT’S SO FUNNY. OH MY GOODNESS. I love books that make me laugh and make me want to quote them to the world, and if there’s one thing this book did extremely well, it was that. It did other things extremely well too, which I will get to, but MY GOODNESS, THE HUMOR. XD (Even the chapter titles are funny.)

2. NICK. It’s told in first-person by Nick Beasley, private detective, whose self-appointed goal in life/job is debunking magical cases and proving that magic doesn’t exist. (Which… is kind of awkward when he gets turned into a beast. …Not a spoiler, it’s in the blurb, and mentioned on the first page. XD) NICK IS THE BEST. I don’t often care for first-person, but his narration absolutely made the book. IT WAS PERFECT. And he has such a dry-humor, kind of grumpy personality, and is the last sort of person you’d think of as a hero, but he’s actually super noble underneath, despite his grouchiness, and overprotective of his younger brother, Crispin, and just—NICK IS GREAT, OKAY. I love him and he’s awesome. 😀

3. CRISPIN. Oh my goodness, CRISPIN. He is definitely one of my top fave things. 😀 He and Nick have this great brother dynamic where Nick won’t let Crispin do anything and acts like he’s super young (they’re both in their twenties. XD) but Crispin has more going than Nick thinks, and they banter sometimes and Crispin is just absolutely funny and adorable and the best. 😀 (The part about the feet on the desk! XD *dies laughing*) Just just just CRISPIIIIIIN! ❤ All that needs to be said on the subject. I just loved this character! ^_^ (And I’m beyond ecstatic that he will be in the sequel more. YES. These brothers! <3)

4. Setting + Alternate + Fairytales. THIS WAS WONDERFUL. It’s set in an alternate world, very much like ours in London (their version of London is called Talesend) in the 1920s buuuut… different. Like, where our fairytales are their actual history, and the story is set in the 20th Century E.A. (Ever After), give-or-take 1900 years after the end of the last fairytale… (or is it??). There are so many references to these fairytales, just woven casually into historical references and conversation, which was BRILLIANT and so so much fun, and that on top of it being a loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast absolutely made my day. 😀 I LOVE alternate history, and fairytales, and old-detective-stories and just… THIS MIXED THEM SO WELL. ❤ (Plus, any story with a shady possible-gangster-crime-boss-who-deals-in-magical-artifacts has got to be good. I mean really. Let’s mix all the genre things and make it glorious. :D)

5. Lady Cordelia, a magical but also magical-accident-prone and eccentric (putting it too lightly; she’s nutty, but delightfully so) but capable woman, was a fairly fun character as well, especially when paired off against Nick, since they don’t always see eye-to-eye. 😛 (I mean… that would be difficult in any case, seeing as he’s a seven-foot monster and she’s just a presumably-normal-sized young lady, but still.)

6. THE BANTER AND CHARACTER DYNAMICS AND THE HUMOR. I know I mentioned humor before, BUT IT’S IMPORTANT OKAY. I can’t say enough about books that are this funny, because humor just makes me happy, and life is too short not to laugh copiously. Which is why books like this exist to help us with that. I love the dialog and interactions and narration and just aaaall the funny things! But it’s got intense bits and action and danger and twisty plot things all mixed in with the hilarity, which makes it even more impressive.

7. Can I just say how awesome this author’s writing is? LIKE SERIOUSLY. If all the above is not enough to convince you, just consider that all this wackiness is utterly seamlessly thrown together and well-written and just please can I be this good of an author when I grow up. The writing is gold! Actually this whole book is gold. Just— So so good.

8. Not to mention, this is a super fun, clean, family-friendly read. So awesome, am I right? Other than some scary Beasts (comes with it being a retelling of… well… Beauty and the Beast…) and slight scariness/intense wrapup, I don’t recall anything that younger readers should steer clear of. It was just delightful all-around! 🙂

9. I’m pretty sure… yep, I can’t think of anything, so I will say: There is nothing I don’t like about this book! Yes, that can be one of the things I like about it, that there’s nothing I dislike. This is my review, so my rules, so I will write it how I want. XD

10. It’s fairly short, which means that I read it in an afternoon, so that was nice—even if I would have wanted it to go FOREVER because I want to keep reading this glorious hilarity! But that’s not actually a con, because fortunately this is only the first in a series, so I’m going to get to read more adventures of the Brothers Beasley and Lady Cordelia and this hilarious fairytale-mashup world AND I CAN’T WAIT AAAAHHH! (No seriously, I can’t wait. Where is the next book? I NEED IT NOW. *flails* *pouts because I have to wait till it comes out*)



(I will say nothing more about it because I do not want to spoil its amazingness. But go read it. Honestly. It’s that good. In fact, it’s better.)

About the Book

Private eye Nick Beasley lives in a world where fairy tales ended a long time ago – where zeppelins now soar the skies instead of dragons, and where the first automobiles have taken the place of flying carpets. He’s made a name for himself across the Afterlands by debunking fake magicians and exposing fraudulent monsters. This is the modern age, after all. Magic and monsters are long gone.

At least, that’s what Nick believes. Until he gets magically transformed into a monster, that is.

The only person who may be able to help Nick is Lady Cordelia Beaumont, one of the last enchantresses in the Afterlands. But in order for her to cure him, they’ll have to retrieve a powerful artifact from a ruthless crime lord – who is also Cordelia’s father.

The fate of the Afterlands lies in the hands of a runaway enchantress and a monstrous ex-detective. What could possibly go wrong?

Links: AmazonGoodreads • Author’s Blog

~ ~ ~

What do you think? Sound intriguing? IT’S AWESOME. Have you ever read an alternate-history book?

Also, don’t forget to drop by Kyle’s blog where he’s giving away a signed copy of The Beast of Talesend this week as part of the Silmarillion Awards celebration! (The ebook is also reduced to 99 cents on Amazon until July 30th.)

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Dream away in those pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer


34 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love About The Beast of Talesend by Kyle Robert Shultz

  1. This was definitely one of my top reads of this year! The fact it’s short and so family-friendly meant that I had absolutely no issues about letting my 14-year-old son read it, too. And I am very excited for book 2 as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 😃 This is so kind of you, Deborah! I’ve been running around all morning with a goofy grin on my face, showing this post to friends, family, and complete strangers. I might end up getting arrested. I DON’T CARE. I’M HAPPY. 😁

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I NEED THIS BOOK IN MY LIFE. Also ~> “Lady Cordelia, a magical but also magical-accident-prone and eccentric (putting it too lightly; she’s nutty, but delightfully so) but capable woman” Sounds like me if I had magic. XD

    *scurries off to add to wishlist* 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You keep reviewing books right after I’ve read them and it’s SO FUN!!!

    BUT THIS BOOK. THIS BOOOOOOOOOK. I realized we haven’t properly flailed together about this since I finished it (except for briefly on GoodReads). o.o *remedies that immediately*

    THIS BOOOOOOK!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! One of my absolute favorite things I’ve read this year! And…ever. I 100% agree that there was NOTHING I disliked about it. EXCEPT it was too short. I wanted it to go on foreverrrrrr. (And I personally just like longer books.) But I’ll forgive it since there are more books coming. Plus it magically had SO much world building and character arcs and just pure EPICNESS in the expanse of just a few words. So it was brilliance all around!

    BUT NICK AND CRISPIN. I honestly can’t decide which is my favorite. I think I love them both equally! They’re just so different, but each hilarious and amazing in their own ways. Being in Nick’s dry, witty, grouchy head was the BESSSST. I’m usually not the biggest fan of 1st person myself, but with this I didn’t even mind because Nick’s POV was so hilarious. BUT CRISPIN. Just…CRISPIN. What can I even say? He was hilarious and adorable and I love him so much. And then them TOGETHER was the best thing ever. I adored Cordelia too. She was so wacky. I just couldn’t with her. XDDD The dinner rolls. *falls over laughing*

    The setting of this book! It’s like…one of my TOP new favorite story settings. 1920’s fantasy world where fairytales exist??? YES PLEEEEEASE. I’ve always loved the 1920’s detective setting type thing. So add that with FAIRYTALES and just SKDJFL:JSD:LKJFLKSJ:LDJKF. IT WAS SO UNIQUE AND EPIC.

    The amazing setting and the delightful characters and the spectacular writing and the epic plot itself and the humor and just MEEEEEP. THIS BOOK WAS PERFECT AND EVERYONE MUST READ IT YES.

    This is getting so long but I just can’t believe I haven’t fangirled with you yet about this book. IT’S THE BEST. *flails for days*

    (P.S. Your picture with the book and mirror and rose!!!! :O :O :O SO PERFECT AND GORGEOUS AND YESSS. I LOVE!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yesss, it’s so fun to talk about the things when we both read them!! 😀

      Oh, yes, we haven’t flailed together! :O So, I had absolutely way too much fun reading your comment, because YESSSSSSSSS!!!! All the things! 😀

      It’s so awesome we both found it to be a favorite of ever! And did you hear the next book is coming out in 2 weeks??? I’M SO STOKED! *flailing* So much epic and characters and hilarity!

      I LOVE NICK AND CRISPIN TOOO! I also have a hard time deciding which is my favorite… Crispin might be, but I looove being in Nick’s head, and just YES EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!! 😀 Eheheh, Cordelia was wacky, yes. XD

      YES THE SETTING IS AWESOME EEEP!! I especially love how the fairytales were their history and it’s just taken for granted and just laksdjlfkj. But the detective/20s vibe works so WELL with it too! 😀 AND SO MUCH FUNNYYYY!

      So so perfect, and I agree that everyone should read it! 😀 IT IS /SO/ THE BEST!!!! ❤ *flails with you for centuries*

      (Eep, thank youuu! I was super pleased with how that picture turned out! I happened to have a rose and it just WORKED. Thank you! ^_^)

      *hugs your comment because flailing about books we both loved is one of the best things of ever and I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IIIIIIIT TOO!!!* 😀


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