Five Poisoned Apples Cover Reveal!

Hey everyone!

I’m super excited for TWO awesome cover reveals today — so I have one here and the other on my other blog. 😉

Today I’m pleased to help reveal the cover, theme, and title of the fourth and final Rooglewood Press fairytale creative writing contest!

I haven’t read the third collection, but I enjoyed most of the stories of the first two collections (particularly all-time-favorites Broken Glass and Stone Curse! <3), and I know the whole blogosphere has been holding its breath to find out which fairytale this fourth one will feature, and to see its cover and title, so without further ado, I now present…

The Cover

Cover model/photography: Wynter Clark. Cover design: Julia Popova.

Isn’t it stunning? *collapses* I LOVE IT. ^_^

So yes, Five Poisoned Apples is its title, and it will indeed be retellings of Snow White (as I suspected!). 😀 (I even totally called the title in a comment earlier this year. XD)

I will likely not be entering myself, but I did enter the contest last year, which was an interesting experience, and I wish the best of luck to anyone who decides to dive in and write a story to submit to the contest! 🙂

Maybe I’ll end up reading one of your stories someday. 😉

All the contest details are available on Rooglewood Press’s website, HERE.

So what think ye? ISN’T IT SO PRETYYYY?? ^_^ And are you excited about a Snow-White-themed collection? And do you think you’ll try entering the contest? Tell me all in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Dream away in those pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer


14 thoughts on “Five Poisoned Apples Cover Reveal!

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  2. Aaaah!!!! That is a gorgeous cover! Honestly, all of the collections have awesome covers. I’ve never actually gotten to enter one of the contests, but maybe this year… I wonder if I could come up with a superhero version of the Snow White story. XD (*obsessed with superheroes*)

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  3. I just love this time of year! All the excitement and gorgeous fairytale retellings coming into existence. Even when I’m not doing the contest, it’s just as fun being on the sidelines and cheering everyone on.

    AND DAT COVER. Every single cover is so gorgeous, I just can’t. *faints* I thiiiink Five Magic Spindles is my favorite cover. But still. THIS ONE. *stares for days* Okay, ALL of themmm. ❤

    Also, kudos to you for guessing which fairytale AND the name. That's so awesome! xD

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    • Indeed! It can definitely be exciting. 😀

      YES. SO PRETTY! *faints with you* My favorite is the Five Enchanted Roses one, buuuut I think this is my second. XD ALL OF THEM YESSSS.

      Haha, thanks! XD I think other people did as well, but it was definitely fun. 😉


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