Nightstand Books: April {2017}

Just a quick post today! 🙂

Being the first Wednesday of the month, it’s Nightstand Books day! (A meme to share our currently-reading stack every month, created by Jenelle Schmidt and DJ Edwardson.)

Here’s what’s on my nightstand for this month.

  • King’s Blood by Jill Williamson — This one is taking me far longer than I anticipated! (Review books shouldn’t take this long to read. *cough* In my defense, it’s enormous and I’ve been busy? 😛 But I’m steadily working through.) It’s still dark, like the first book, and very long, but I’m enjoying it somewhat for all that.
  • Second Son by Jenelle Schmidt — Yep, finally reading this one! I’m really excited. I’m reading a chapter a day on the side of my busyness, so I’m hoping in that way to get it read this month even though I don’t have a lot of time. Really enjoying it so far. 🙂
  • Viper by Jamie Foley — This is a prequel to the Sentinel trilogy, and I haven’t started it yet, but as this is a novella, I’m hoping to zip through it in a day here pretty soon. Looks like it’s going to be different than what I usually read, but that can be fun too.
  • Hexwood by Diana Wynne Jones — I haven’t started this yet, but I know it’s dangerous to do so until I have a good long time available to read it in, so I’m holding off for now. XD But I can’t wait to devour this DWJ book I haven’t read! New DWJ books are always exciting. 🙂

I’m also still working through a couple of beta-reading books and hoping to finish them at long last! I’ve been making steady progress on my backlog of betas this year, so that’s exciting too. 🙂

Also not pictured above (because ebook), like Jenelle mentioned in her post, Beggar’s Magic by H.L. Burke is the Fellowship of Fantasy Bookclub book for April. I haven’t started it yet but I hope to soon. 🙂 (Maybe that chapter-a-day trick I’m using on Second Son will help?)

As usual, I have no idea if I’ll  make it through all of these this April, but they’re what I’ve started or am focusing on at the moment!

What’s on your “nightstand” that you’re reading this month? 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Dream away in those pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer


12 thoughts on “Nightstand Books: April {2017}

  1. Ok so I didn’t realize how big the King’s Warrior books were until just now and so now I’m kind of like “Oh. That’s a bit longer than I thought . . .” That said, I have the Kindle version, and I tend to go into Kindle books with the assumption that they’ll be short, or at least short-ish, because I can’t see that they’re big.

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    • Um, yeah, they are actually pretty long. XD But I do that too, where I assume a book is short-ish on Kindle. I’ve actually gotten fairly good at judging kindle book sizes from the numbers they have on there, though. I don’t understand the REASONING behind their numbers, but there tends to be a “location” number at the bottom? And it seems like 3000 or less is shortish, 4000-5000 is pretty decent-sized, and anything higher than that seems enormous to me. So, like, King’s Warrior is 6000 kindle-whatever-it-is-they’re-counting, but it’s 400 pages paperback, and Second Son is nearly 7000 kindle-things and 440 pages paperback. *shrug* …That was totally random. ANYWAY, yes, it’s hard to judge things when you can’t SEE them, which is another reason why physical books are better. XD

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  2. What a fantastic stack of books! Jill Williamson, Jenelle, DWJ!!! 😀 I’m very curious about Hexwood. You’ll have to tell me your thoughts once you’ve read it! And that Beggar Magic book looks super interesting, too. o.O

    Wow. King’s Blood is so big. XDDD I keep thinking I’ll just wait ’til all the books in the series are out and read them together but…may I need to take each book in stride. Lol.

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    • Isn’t it? Literally fantastic, because… fantasy… Ahem. 😛 I will definitely have to tell you what I think of Hexwood, whenever I get to reading it! Beggar Magic does sound like it’s going to be fun, and it’s by the author of the Nyssa Glass books so I’m optimistic. 🙂

      Um, yes, King’s Blood IS big. >.> And honestly, I think waiting until they’re all out is actually a good idea, because I waited a year between books and… I had a hard time remember all the 787587539702938409 characters from book one and what had happened when I started book two, which was really bad. XD I mean, it came back, mostly? But it’s still hazier than it should be in my mind, so for something this complex, I definitely would recommend reading them all at once, DESPITE the length that would involve. 😛 Or maybe start them a few months before the last one comes out… or… something. XD


    • Thanks! (I think? XD)
      And yes, I’ve really enjoyed it! 🙂 I only have to finish this one up to have read the ones out so far… Catching up hopefully in time for when the fourth and final book comes out sometimes this year! 😀 But yes, there are always other books waiting on our TBR stacks, yes? 😉 So much to read! 🙂

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  3. Aww, Second Son! 🙂

    I have not read any of the others, but they all sound quite intriguing. I started Beggar Magic in the hospital, but haven’t gotten very far into it yet. I enjoyed what I did read so far, though. Looking forward to finishing it!

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