#MarchMagics/Nightstand Books {March 2017}

Time for a look at the books on my nightstand this month and at what I’m up to for #MarchMagics!

(Nightstand Books is a monthly meme created by DJ Edwardson and Jenelle Schmidt.

March Magics [formerly DWJ March] is a celebration of the works of Diana Wynne Jones and Terry Pratchett, hosted by Kristen @ We Be Reading.)


I’m currently working through Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, and King’s Blood by Jill Williamson — both of which are not for the faint of heart! (Or at least not for the faint-of-arm since they are large.)

Mansfield Park is… interesting. It’s the last Austen I haven’t read and in a sense I’m enjoying it (especially comparing it to Cinderella a little) — though in another sense I’m spending a lot of time absolutely loathing Mrs. Norris and the Crawford siblings and… most everyone else besides Fanny and Edmund. XD

King’s Blood is quite enjoyable so far — I missed Trevn and Wilek so much and didn’t realize it until I started reading! I don’t have much to say on it yet because I’m still reading, but I’ll have a full review of it up on my other blog when I finish. So far an excellent book and I can’t wait to finish!

Not pictured are a couple of beta-reads of books for friends, which I need to make some time for… Reading critically with an eye for editing and feedback takes a lot more effort than regular reading! But I’m looking forward to these. 🙂

IF I can (not sure if it will happen) I would love to be able to have time to read Dragonfriend by Marc Secchia which is this month’s bookclub read for the Fellowship of Fantasy… I enjoyed last month’s read (The Firethorn Crown) and this one looks fun, I just don’t know if it will take priority and if I’ll find the time… SO MUCH TO READ. (It’s an e-book, and I tend to have so many other things to do on my computer — beta-reading, writing, internet — that e-books don’t get read very often unless they’re for review. But we shall see!)

March Magics Nightstand

I actually read most of these last week already! I had a cold so I curled up with some DWJ books and a Terry Pratchett while I recovered, in honor of March Magics, and it was delightful. 🙂 (I should have been beta-reading at the time… but that requires editorial thinking and my brain was not up to that kind of level at the time while I was sick.)

Library acquisitions, I read Aunt Maria and Wild Robert by Diana Wynne Jones, both for the first time! Greatly enjoyed those — it’s always SO MUCH FUN getting to read DWJ books I’ve never read before! 🙂

I also read my second-ever Terry Pratchett book, Mort, for the first of the Pratchett read-alongs for March Magics. I enjoyed it muchly! (It was a timely library-sale conquest… which included a whole batch of Discworld books!)

Perhaps I shall do a mini-reviews post for these soon?

I re-read The Pinhoe Egg (final Chrestomanci book), also for the March Magics readalong (rather early because I couldn’t help it!), thereby finishing my re-reading-aloud of the Chrestomanci books. CHRESTOMANCI’S THE BEST! ❤

I also finished reading Howl’s Moving Castle for the 5th time and still found things I’d never noticed before. HOWL IS THE BEST! ❤ (I know I just said that about Chrestomanci. Hush. Both are true in their own ways. ^_^)

I’m still hoping to re-read Year of the Griffin (for the readalong on the DWJ Goodreads group) and if I can make time, I’d also love to read at least Reaper Man and possibly Soul Music for the March Magics continuing Pratchett readalongs, but we shall see!

I always plan for more books than I have time to read, unfortunately, and I’m very busy this month… However, I’ve already had some great March Magics fun so I’m happy with that even if I don’t get to any more. 🙂

So there you have my ambitious load of March books!

What’s on your nightstand this month, fellow readers? Have you read/want to read any of these? And have you added a Diana Wynne Jones book to your to-read-soon stack or list? (Hint: you totally should! ;)) Tell me your bookish adventures of late!

Thanks for reading!

Dream away in those pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer


8 thoughts on “#MarchMagics/Nightstand Books {March 2017}

  1. Looks like a grand month of reading! I’m glad you’re enjoying King’s Blood; I can’t wait to read it too! And I’m happy you liked Mort as well; it’s pretty awesome. (Just as a note: Reaper Man is awesome. Soul Music is full of references that went rather over my head, but it’s still a good book.)

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  2. There are several DWJ books I want to read… but I am trying to whittle away at the stack of books I already own that I haven’t read yet. #BookWyrmProblems

    I also need to read more Terry Pratchett. I’ve only read one of his, and I remember liking it, but also feeling a bit lost. (It was #18 in the series and I hadn’t ever seen Phantom of the Opera, which the story was satirizing… so it kinda went over my head) LOL

    And Jill Williamson… still need to get my hands on some of her books because everyone keeps raving about them.

    Well, from what I’ve read of Dragonfriend so far, you should totally bump it up in priorities! So far I am very much enjoying it.

    Happy reading! And happy March!

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    • Oh yes, the perpetual must-get-through-owned-books thing — I understand. 😉

      Wow, sounds like that would be… perplexing. XD You should try another sometime again though because he’s kind of fun. 🙂

      YES INDEED. (Ahem. Sorry. XD *will stop raving*)

      Good to hear! I will have to try to read it soon if I can — thanks for the heads up! 🙂

      Thank you! Happy March to you too!!


  3. ALLLLL THE DWJ BOOKS!!! And Terry Pratchett! This is a delightfully fantasy stack of books!!! With the exception of Mansfield Park, but hey, it’s Jane Austen! Can’t go wrong there.

    But seriously, I’m in love with this stack. Jane Austen, DWJ, Terry Pratchett, Jill Williamson. SO MUCH GOODNESS. And that Dragonfriend book looks very intriguing!

    Beta-reading definitely takes the brainpower that a sick person should not have to deal with, so I’m glad you chose to just do some pleasure reading while you got better. You needed that rest. *huggles*

    I would LOVE a mini-review posts of the Discworld books. THAT’D BE SO FUN! :O

    Anyways, this stack is fabulous, and I do so hope you find time for reading. (Because Reading Time is a slithery thing and quite rudely does not like to be caught very often. >.>)

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    • Yes indeed! Mansfield Park is actually annoying me more and more (it’s hard to handle so many unpleasant characters all at once. -_-) but yes, Austen’s a good author all the same. 😛

      I’m glad you like the stack! Eheh, yes, my brain is… not always up to that. Thank you!

      And methinks I shall do some mini-reviews sometime… 🙂

      Thank you!! Reading Time is definitely slippery. 😉 I hope you have some good reading times too! ❤


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