Fall/Winter 2016 Book Releases

*pokes at poor neglected book blog* It’s NaNoWriMo so obviously not a lot of reading going on in my arena, what with trying to write 50,000 words this month…

So just a quickie post today!

I haven’t done a book-release spotlight in awhile, so here’s a brief list of 4 books I’m excited about that came out/are coming out this October/November/December as we wrap up 2016!

An Earthly King (Modern Tales of Na Fianna, #2) – Hazel B. West

Oct 31, 2016

{Goodreads} {Amazon}

I reviewed this last week and let me tell you, you definitely don’t want to miss this awesome modern/medieval/Fae story set in a contemporary Ireland with an alternate history, with loads of awesome characters and shenanigans. So, so, SO good! ❀

The Silent Songbird – Melanie Dickerson

Nov 8, 2016

{Goodreads} {Amazon}

Yes indeed, it released today! *happy flailing* Set in the generation between The Merchant’s Daughter and The Princess Spy, it’s a Little Mermaid retelling in medieval England and I can’t WAIT to read it! Melanie Dickerson’s fairy tale retellings are always so enjoyable! πŸ™‚

The Shattered Heart (Book of Sight, #5) – Deborah Dunlevy

Dec 1, 2016

{Amazon} {Author’s Site}

So this is the final book in the Book of Sight series, of which I’ve read the first three and really enjoyed them (contemporary fantasy and just a lot of fun), and this gorgeous cover JUST got revealed today and I’m so excited to finish reading this series! (Also terrified what with that title and all; but hey, it happens. XD)

Once: Six Historically Inspired Fairytales – by:

  • Elisabeth Grace Foley
  • Rachel Heffington
  • J. Grace Pennington
  • Emily Ann Putzke
  • Suzannah Rowntree
  • Hayden Wand

Dec 2, 2016


This is a collection of half a dozen retellings of various fairytales, by authors I enjoy and others I’ve seen around the interwebs… Most of these sound pretty cool so I’m looking forward to this one! What can I say… fairytale retellings are my weak spot. πŸ˜›

How about you? Excited for any of these? What books are you excited for that are coming out soon?

7 thoughts on “Fall/Winter 2016 Book Releases

  1. YES. These all look amazing! I like how Melanie Dickerson is doing a Little Mermaid retelling. You just don’t see those around much. Of course…I haven’t read any of her other stories yet. *cough* BUT I WILL.

    And ALLLL the yes to fairytale retellings! Give me all of them, precioussss.

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  2. Agh, they all sound so good! πŸ˜€
    I recently bought the first five books in the Hagenheim series by Melanie Dickerson, and I’m excited to start on those! ❀
    Those fairytale retellings though… *drools* They look so good! I'll totally be checking that one out. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      Ooh, how exciting! πŸ˜€ I hope you’ll enjoy Melanie’s books! ^_^ (I… actually haven’t read the first two yet. XD I keep reading the new ones that are coming out, and Healer’s Apprentice and Merchant’s Daughter are still waiting on my shelf for me to get to them. πŸ˜› The Fairest Beauty was my favorite in the Hagenheim series so far!)

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