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The lovely Madeline @ Short & Snappy tagged me ages ago for the “Totally Should’ve…” book tag! Yay! Thanks ever so muchly, Madeline! It looks like fun. ^_^ (And be sure to check out Madeline’s blog as well, because it’s a delight! <3)

So I will now answer the question with books that totally should’ve . . .

Gotten a sequel:

Illusionarium by Heather Dixon. You knew this one was coming. 😉


Had a spin-off series:

How about the Heist Society series? I want a spin-off all about Hale! 🙂

(An author who totally should) Write more books:

Gillian Bronte Adams! I’ve loved what I’ve read so far and want more. ^_^

(A character who totally should’ve) Ended up with someone else:

Is it weird I can’t think of anyone for this one?

Ended differently:

Let me count the ways . . . Ahem. I could probably be here all day but off the top of my head from books I read this year, I’ll say The Thief Lord and The Last Dragonslayer.

Had a movie:

I’m going to be lame and say Illusionarium again. XD Seriously though…

Had a movie franchise:

The Star Wars Heir to the Empire trilogy by Timothy Zahn… >.>

Had a TV show:

The Rising Shadows trilogy by Ashley Townsend (Rising Shadows, Chasing Shadows, Defying Shadows). Maybe a mini-series? But Defying Shadows especially would be FANTASTIC on-screen. 😀 And since they’re a series and kind of long and somewhat episodic (plus I wouldn’t want ANYTHING to be cut out so it would have to be long) a TV show would be fabulous. >:D It would be gorgeous and epic and sweet and medieval and modern and time-travel-y and just yes. Somebody make this happen.

rising shadows trilogy

Had only one point of view:

I can’t think of one for this either! I love multiple POVs. It gives the book more scope.

Have a cover change:

How about several Diana Wynne Jones books…? There are a few very nice covers for her books, but it does seem like she got more than her fair share of bizarre, kind of icky covers… o.o

Kept the original covers:

I think I liked the original cover of The Seahorse Legacy better than the remade one… I like them both but the original was just kinda perfect to me. ^_^


(original left; new version right)

Stopped at book one:

Not at book one, but I would have been happier, I think, if The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede had been just the first two books (Dealing with Dragons and Searching for Dragons). I enjoyed the other two but they weren’t the same. (Of course, I hear that the first three were written as prequels because the fourth one was published first, so I guess this wouldn’t have worked out! XD)

I’m tagging anyone reading this who wants to do it. 🙂 What do you think? Any books that “totally should’ve…” something?

Thanks for reading!

Dream away in those Pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer


16 thoughts on ““Totally Should’ve…” Book Tag

  1. I’ve actually done this one already! Hello!
    I do like your choices as well. Though I disagree about the Seahorse Legacy- I’m not fond of either cover, but the green background on the text on the original looks poorly Photoshopped to me.

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  2. I agree immensely: an Illusionarium sequel is needed. ASAP. 😛 And then they can make both books into a movie! XD
    From what I’ve heard you and others say about the Rising Shadows trilogy, it looks like it would be an amazing TV show. I really need to get my hands on them… 🙂
    Yay for multiple POVs! ❤
    There are definitely some…interesting…DWJ book covers I've seen…But never judge a book by its cover! 😉
    This was so fun to read! 😀 Loved all your answers! ❤

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    • YES YES. Sequel and movie, all at once. 😀
      Yupper! The first couple Rising Shadows ones were pretty good, but the third one was AMAZING. 😀
      Glad you agree on the POV thing! 🙂
      Eheheheheheh, yeah. XD I know! I ALMOST didn’t get Howl’s Moving Castle when I found it at a library sale because the cover was so weird… I’m SO glad I didn’t succumb to that shallowness, because then I would never have read it! O_O
      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Thanks for reading! ^_^

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  3. These are so fun to ponder! I’m verrry tempted to steal this one sometime. It’d take me a while to think of answer for them each though. *blinks* BUT I LOVE THIS IDEA.

    Illusionarium DEFINITELY needs a sequel! Which…I already said today. BUT IT NEEDS REPEATING. And a MOVIE of it? :O I NEED THIS LIKE AIR.

    Oh my goodness, the Rising Shadows books would make a perrrfect mini-series! It would fit perfectly in an episodic format. GAH. I WANT ALL THESE THIIINGS.

    DWJ books definitely need better covers sometimes. :-/ Now, my copies of HMC, Castle in the Air, and House of Many Ways have some of my favorite book covers EVER. But some of the older versions of those and her other books…eh. Yeah, they need help.

    I agree, after Dealing with Dragons and Searching for Dragons the Enchanted Forest Chronicles went a little downhill. I still love ALL the books, but they got kinda repetitive. But, as you said, those first were prequels so I guess we should be happy she wrote them!

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    • That would be fun! 😀 But yeah, it took me ages to think up the answers to this — I don’t know why it was so hard… but also fun! 🙂


      Heehee, sorry to make you want all these movie things. XD But the Rising Shadows books would be amaziiiiing as a mini-series!

      Yeah, I like those Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways covers… not sure about the HMC, but it’s all right. There are definitely some pretty DWJ covers! I just wish they all were. 😛

      BUT THE FIRST TWO WERE SO GOOD YES. 😀 Heehee, it’s kind of awkward when we like prequels better and kinda don’t care for the “original” because they wouldn’t be here without it. XD


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