25 Bookish Facts About Me


Top Ten Tuesday, a book-list linkup hosted by The Broke & the Bookish

Today’s prompt for Top Ten Tuesday is Ten Facts About Me… which I’m pairing with a tag, 25 Bookish Facts About Me, that Cait @ Paper Fury tagged me with eons ago. Which made my day… and then I procrastinated over it for a century or two. >.> *cough* (In my defense, it was in the middle of last NaNo so I was understandably busy typing my fingers off writing various novels, and was therefore unable to read or think about already-written books.)

But I’m doing them both today because they fit into one post, so hurray! (Don’t worry, I’m combining them, not adding them on top of each other… a.k.a. it will be 25, not 35 facts. XD)


Let’s just hope I can come up with that many facts about me, let alone about me and books. *cough*

25 Bookish Facts About Yours Truly

  1. I’ve read 50 books this year. Go me! *feels ridiculously accomplished*
  2. This is my 44th post here on my book blog. Since starting it on January 1st this year. I feel pretty good about that. 🙂
  3. I sometimes randomly read introductions/forewords/prefaces/acknowledgements/author’s notes/author bios/blurbs… when I haven’t read the book yet. I know, this is weird! But starting a book is a commitment, and yet sometimes I like to nose around in a book I haven’t read, to get acquainted with it, without technically starting it, or seeing spoilers… so I read the “extra” stuff. I usually have to read them again when I read the book though so that they’ll actually make sense that time. 😛
  4. Big books scare me. …Okay, not really; but if a book is 400+ pages, I’m several times more likely to procrastinate over reading it. They sit on my shelf and stare me down. It’s… kind of daunting. *shivers*
  5. I often put off reading series. Because I want to read them ALL AT ONCE AT THE SAME TIME and don’t have that kind of time. *cough* (Also, see above “daunted” point. Times ten.)
  6. I’m addicted to reading books in one sitting, or at least in one day. Which doesn’t actually happen as often as I’d like… But whenever I can, I try to. Sometimes it’s not possible, but it’s really hard for me to focus on the rest of my day if there’s a book I’m in the middle of, calling to me . . .
  7. I’m terrified of being in a book for a long period of time, or being stuck in several at once. Because then I either (a), start getting tired of the book, or (b) start to dread reading because it feels like a chore. And I hate that. Books are my happy place! I want to enjoy them! I speak from experience here. I used to love reading several books at once, and sometimes I still feel like it, but overall I’m trying to keep it to one or two at a time these days. …Actually, points 4-7 are largely connected, apparently. Which is silly, because I often LOVE said big books/series. I just put off reading them. >.>
  8. When I visit somebody, the first thing I want to do is look at the books on their bookshelves. …Which is awkward because it’s probably impolite? I’M AN AWKWARD INTROVERTED BOOK ADDICT WHAT CAN I SAY.
  9. I spend large portions of my life just sitting and staring at the books on my bookshelf. Probably more time than I spend reading. Okay, not that long. But really though. THEY’RE SO PRETTY AND LOOKING AT BOOKS MAKES ME HAPPY. A bookcase is better to me than a view out a window.
  10. I have an entire bookcase stacked double with books I haven’t read. And then some. …What can I say, I go to a lot of library booksales. >.>
  11. I actually stare at my unread books the most. There’s just something about dreaming about what fabulousness lives between the covers…
  12. I organize and reorganize all of my books all the time. It’s basically my hobby. Especially when I feel stressed or have a lot of things I need to do that I feel guilty over not doing. (Hey, I never said I make wise life-decisions.) It’s a thing were some family member will wander into my room and pause in horror because there’s stacks of books all over my floor, bed, and chairs, and they’ll go “Oh no, Deborah’s sorting her books again.” I’m notorious. XD
  13. I usually organize my read books on two bookcases, alphabetically by author. Unless I happen to feel like organizing them by genre. But that normally doesn’t last long. The cool thing about that, though, is that when I get tired of it, it’s another excuse to reorganize my shelves! >:D *cackles* …Okay, I probably have a problem. >.> I also currently have two-ish shelves dedicated to awesome books I love that I want to reread in the near future.
  14. My unread books on said unread-bookcase are organized chaos. The order probably makes no sense to anyone but me. I organize them however I feel like it, which sometimes means by genre, sometimes by most-anticipating-reading, but rarely by author. No idea why. Read books = sort by author. Unread books = sort by most logical, whatever that is at the moment. My brain is weird. 😛
  15. My favorite genre is fantasy. (I know, I know, you know this by now… ;)) I don’t even need to elaborate. It’s just the best. ❤
  16. But I also go through genre phases of addiction, and tend to get more into other genres the more I read them. For instance, lately I’ve been reading some historical fiction and some contemporaries, and this actually makes me more interested in reading more of those on my TBR. I get into phases of reading similar books in a row, apparently? I guess it reminds me that those can be cool too. *shrug*
  17. I have this need to have or know how to get hold of all the books on my TBR. This one’s a weird one… If I add a book to my TBR on Goodreads, I need to know: how will I manage to read this someday? Typically, this means I either own it, or try to acquire it, or I look it up to see if any libraries I go to owns it, or if it’s easily findable on Amazon or somewhere like that. I then add it to the appropriate shelf (own/owned-ebooks, library, find/find-ebooks, etc.). For some reason I’m so OCD about this that I hardly ever mark a book as To-Read unless I know how I can get hold of it. (I’m also way more likely to add it to my TBR if it’s at a local library. XD) Which means I also meticulously keep a list of the unreleased books I want to read, and when they come out… My wishlist is therefore very loooong, but at least it’s fairly complete. XD
  18. I keep a list in my purse of library books I want to read. I don’t go to the library very often — usually once a month is “often”, to my mind. So, using my handy Goodreads shelf for reference, I keep a list or sometimes spreadsheet that I print, of all the books I want to get out and which library they’re at. Often organized by which ones I want next.
  19. Lists of books are my friends and I love them. I’m ridiculously organized about books, if you haven’t noticed.
  20. I try to only check 1-3 books out of the library at once. Because as much as I’m tempted to check out THE ENTIRE LIBRARY AT THE SAME TIME… I’m also finicky about sending a book back unread. I HATE doing that. So I try to be reasonable with how much time I think I have to read.
  21. Bookstores and libraries are my happy place. I don’t even always get something from them, I just love to walk up and down the aisles and look at the books… 🙂
  22. I sometimes dream about books I’ve read. This is always awesome, except when it’s scary… but either way, I still usually love it.
  23. I procrastinate over books I’m “supposed” to read. When I’m “supposed” to read a book because of a recommendation or for review or something, I have this weird mixture of excitement to read it because of said reason, and a weird reluctance to read it due to a feeling of “obligation”. …It’s very bad, I tell you. I WANT to read it… but it also puts pressure on me in some way, and pressure and I do not get along well.
  24. In a weird, unexplainable way that directly contradicts the point above, I’m way more likely to want to read a book if a good friend whose book-taste I trust, highly recommends a book to me or shrieks excitedly about it in some review. Sometimes there’s a book I kinda am interested in, but it sometimes takes a high recommendation from someone for me to decide to actually try it out.
  25. And, lastly: I enjoy books; I’m a reader, not a critic. Yes, I do sometimes have complaints about aspects of a book I read, and just like anyone, I do occasionally read a 1-or-2-star book, a.k.a. that I didn’t like… But on the whole, I read books not to tear them apart, but to enjoy them. Which means that in general, because I go in with that intent, I DO enjoy them, and thus my reading experiences tend to be more pleasant than (apparently?) much of the rest of the reading community. I’m a pretty flexible reader and tend to enjoy things instead of critiquing them, because that’s my fundamental outlook on books. 🙂

Aaaand now that you know way more about me and my (frankly odd, contradictory, and inexplicable) bookish habits than you ever wanted to know, I will quietly sidle off back to my reading… 😉 And leave you to yours! Meanwhile if you read this whole thing, you deserve a cookie. *holds out tray*

Also, even aside from Top Ten Tuesday, anyone who wants to do this 25 Bookish Facts tag, feel free to snag it! ^_^

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Dream away in those pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer

33 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. This was so fun to read! 😀 I knew some of these already, but definitely not all of them. Love how you reorganize your books so frequently, and how your family knows what it means to find your room in a state of bookish disarray. XD And it’s refreshing to hear of someone who just enjoys books without picking them apart. I sometimes wish I could turn off that side of my brain… though with really good books, I often get too wrapped up to think much about picking it apart. (That comes later, when I realize, “THAT BOOK WAS AMAZING. Okay, but why? I want to do that too.” XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay, I’m glad! 😀 Reorganizing is my favorite. *nods* And there DO come times when I can’t enjoy a book and/or pick things apart; I’m not saying I never do, but in general I try… Haha, yeah! XD I’m not good at analyzing for things I love but sometimes it’s interesting to do that to help our own writing. 😉 Thanks Tracey! 🙂


  2. UM EXCUSE ME BUT THIS WAS SO FASCINATING TO READ. Also I relate to almost every. single. point. o.o I was literally just sitting here nodding to myself while reading this. WE ARE SO BRAIN TWINS IT’S SCARY.

    I’m tryyyying to refrain from commenting on all 25 points. BUT THIS WAS SO FUN. I just…I relate to so much. Such as putting off big books and series, even though, usually, they’re my favorites. But big books are daunting and series I want to read together (but then that takes a while) so I just put them off! D:

    I also absolutely want to look at people’s bookshelves when I first go to their house. I CAN’T HELP IT. I must see all the boooooks! I’m usually discreetly glancing over at the bookshelves trying to catch titles every few seconds, even though what I really want to do is fly over to the bookshelves and devour them. xD

    AND I SPEND SO MUCH OF MY LIFE STARING AT MY BOOKSHELVES. No, like ALL. THE. TIME. It’s actually probably embarrassing how much I stare at my bookshelves… And I also tend to look at the books I haven’t read yet most, dreaming about what’s inside.

    #17 fascinates me. o.o About having to know how to acquire a book before adding it to the TBR list. What a neat system! I just add eeeeverything as want-to-read without the foggiest idea how I’m going to actually get a hold of said books. YOU ARE SMART AND ORGANIZED.

    I love how you just set out to enjoy a book. not critique it. That’s lovely! I think I’m somewhere in between. Overall, I read for FUN. That’s the point, but subconsciously my writer-side squeezes in and starts critiquing here and there. BUT I’m not nearly as much as a critic as a lot of people. So…somewhere in the middle. But I’d really rather NOT critique at all. It just happens. >.>

    This is getting long, but I just loved this list so very much and relate to almost EVERYTHING. IT IS AWESOME!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY. *scans your comment* …Indeed, the braintwin levels are high here today. XD It’s the best!

      Butting off all the thiiings is almost like my hobby. It’s bad. 😛 But Lauriiii you read 2 whole series this year and I’m so impressed! O_O

      There should be… like… official bookshelf tours whenever people visit other people. 😀

      NO WAY. REALLY?? Yessss bookshelves are so fun to stare at. I love that you stare at yours too, that’s awesome. XD AND YES DAYDREAMING ABOUT THE UNREAD ONES IS FUN.

      Heheh, it’s a problem actually. XD But I do like to know how I’ll find things. I may be organized but I dunno if I’m smart. 😛

      And thanks! I do sometimes analyze things myself, and I do at times meet books I don’t like… >.> But I think your way of reading is just right! Hurray for reading for fun! And yet it’s totally understandable to analyze a bit. XD



  3. I like looking at other people’s bookshelves too, no worries! 😀
    Also . . . you only go to the library about once a month? O_o That’s so sad! I haven’t been to the library hardly at all this month and it’s made me sad . . . I miss the library muchly.
    I do procrastinate on books too, though. IDK why, other than I’m worried that it won’t be as awesome as I think it will be. That’s also why I didn’t read King’s Folly until just about a month ago.
    I greatly enjoyed reading these facts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hurray! Bookspies forever. XD
      The last year or so I’ve gone to the library once a month because of writing meetings, but that’s over now so I go less. And that felt like pretty regular at the time. XD Libraries are awesome though so I’m sorry you’ve hardly been able to go lately!
      Yep, could very well be… All the hype sometimes can let us down. 😉
      Yay! I’m glad! 🙂 Thanks, Sarah!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bookspies! I like that!
        Why do you not go very often if there’s no meetings? I still think that’s sad.
        Yep. It’s happened before. Sadly. But sometimes the hype is deserved as well. (And sometimes it’s not, but you get caught up in it and the story long enough that you don’t realize it until later. Which is preferable, in my opinion.)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yay! XD
          Aaand therein lies a fact about myself which is that I am a homebody and seldom go to town if I can help it. 😛 So it’s just that once a month I would find myself at the library for another reason, and hence would get books out because I happened to be there. Otherwise I don’t usually bother to go, is all. *shrug* I also don’t drive. 😛
          YES, getting caught up in the story is the best. 😀 And I think sometimes you can sort of make yourself enjoy it if you really want to badly enough. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          • Heh. I guess that makes sense. I’ve always lived in the suburbs, and never been more than five-ten minutes away from the library, so it doesn’t really seem like a “trip” to me. (And I don’t drive either if I can help it, but I can usually get my mom to take me.) And the book sale thing makes sense too. xD I don’t usually buy books at sales unless either I’ve read them or I’ve read other things by that same author.
            Definitely. And there are times where “making yourself enjoy it” pays off because it ends up being genuinely awesome in the end.

            Liked by 1 person

  4. Agh, these are all such good points!
    4 and 5 are *totally* me. Even when I know I’ll probably like the book(s)!
    15, of course. ^_^
    I LOVE it when 22 happens…So fun! 😀
    And 23…I do this too often. But seriously, a recommendation is a *suggestion* not an obligation! *shakes head at self*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Madeline! 🙂
      Heehee, there’s just something about large books/series that are daunting… 😉
      Indeed! Dreaming about books is the best. 😀
      I knoooow! It’s so weird. Because you’re right, they’re just suggestions, but for some reason it’s easy to slip into thinking of them as obligations. XD We bookworms are odd creatures. 😛
      Hurray for shared bookish facts! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Haha, yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if we shared some of these things in common. 😉 You should, it would be fun! 😀

      Ooh, thanks ever so much, Shantelle! 😀 *scampers off to read it*


  5. YAY YOU DID THE TAG. XD Honestly I’d completely forgotten about this hahahh. Ahem. But anyway, I loved all the facts!! It is always ridiculously wonderful to learn more about my epically amazing bookworm internet friends. ❤

    Fantasy is THE genre of goodness. So clearly you have your priorities perfectly in order.

    And omg stalking people's bookshelves is LIFE. A bookshelf says so much about a person, right!? And I also just like to see if there's anything I'm going to need to borrow. 😉 And I also spend a ridiculous amount of time staring at my shelves. Also I stare at them when I'm trying to take bookstagram photos. I'm just like "WHICH BOOKS SHALL I USE? HMM. MAYBE IF I STARE AT THEM FOR 39839 HOURS INSPIRATION WILL STRIKE ME". Seems legit and sensible. As I always am.

    Oh oh and I only try to check out a few library books at a time too!! I have this like "rule" that I have to send back at least 2 books to the library per week. So technically I should only BORROW 2…but if I go overboard I still need to stick to how many I return so I don't end up with due dates and all the books unread. XD BUT IT'S SO HARD NOT TO JUST KIDNAP THE ENTIRE LIBRARY OMG. I LOVE THE LIBRARY.

    Liked by 1 person

    • *cough* Yeeeahh… it’s kind of been awhile. XD And YAY I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks Cait! ^_^ Learning bookish facts about bookworm friends is funnnn yes. (I for instance really enjoyed your post like this. ;))


      Heehee, bookshelves can be revealing, yes. 😉 AND YES TO SEE IF YOU NEED TO BORROW SOMETHING! XD For real though. 😛
      Oh, goodness. Fortunately I haven’t gotten into bookstagraming yet. If I ever do, there will go the last of my time. XD But I so feel you. Books are just so FUN to stare at!

      I love that we both have library rules. 😀 BUT YES IT’S SO HARD NOT TO JUST KIDNAP THE WHOLE LIBRARY. Libraries are life. ❤


  6. #4 SAME HERE. They are very daunting, oh yes. Even The Hobbit (which I LOVE) can be daunting if I get a super huge copy of it. Funny though, because if I get a smaller copy … it isn’t. My brain is weird XD.

    #18 I MUST DO THIS.

    #22 Oh goodness, I think I’ve done that too!! Actually, it’s even weirder when I dream about my own characters. IT’S CREEPY BUT ALSO COOL.

    I might need to do this tag. I mean it’s a LIST (I have a thing for lists) of 25 BOOKISH things. Awesomeness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I knowww, it’s so weird! XD Especially when different copies of books are different sizes, yes. 😛

      YES IT’S GREAT! I don’t keep my library list as updated as I should since I’m alwayyyys adding things I want to read on Goodreads… Eheh. But it’s still pretty helpful. ^_^ I started doing it because my mind just goes blank when I’m at a library and I go “I DON’T REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO CHECK OUT!” So, lists it is. 😉

      I looove dreaming about my own characters. It’s so awesome. 😀

      YES YOU SHOULD SAVANNAH. 😀 Lists + books + facts = you should do it cuz it’s awesome. 😉


  7. I hear you on number 20! Its so hard not to over-borrow or over-commit. I often accept author requests to review their novel, and I’ve made it a rule to never have more than 4 books like that on my to-read shelf at any one time…

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