June Reading Roundup {2016}


Reading Roundup #6: June 2016

Heeeere are the books I read in June!

Yes, I am seeing a 4 books per month trend lately… *cough*

Also, oddly, I read mostly historical fiction with a touch of modern this month. o.o Which is strange for this fantasy-addict. 😉 Buuut they were mostly also retellings, so apparently that’s close enough. 😛

(Titles all link to Goodreads.)


1. Lost Lake House – Elizabeth Grace Foley

Reviewed this. A cute, sweet, kind of elegant short read, which I enjoyed falling into for an afternoon. It kind of made me happy, so. ^_^ Also, Twelve Dancing Princesses (ish) — so there’s that. 😉 I wasn’t even going to review it, but I just started typing some thoughts out and then… there was a review. o.o


2. The Golden Braid – Melanie Dickerson

Really enjoyed this one! I wrote a review for it too… I don’t think I’ve read any other Rapunzel retellings, and while Tangled will probably always be the definitive version for me, this one was really cool too. 😀 I loved how it linked in with bits of the other Hagenheim books, especially The Princess Spy… AND THAT PLOT TWIST!!! 😀 *flails around in happiness*


3. Drover’s Secret Life – John R. Erickson

D’awww! *huggles book* Loved this! The Hank the Cowdog books are so much fun — especially the audio editions, narrated by the author. This one was really fun, narrated by Drover. Loved it! Getting to hear the history of Drover… It’s great. Not to mention hilarious. XD Listened to this on audio, read by the author, which is the best. So much fun! Nothing like a Hank the Cowdog book to make you laugh. These books… so fun to have an unreliable narrator, who’s a DOG… And having Drover narrate it this time instead of Hank was so fun. Hilarious. 😀 Just one more thing to say now, of course… “OH MY LEG!” XD


4. Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows, #3) – Ashley Townsend

WOW, this book. So many feeeels. It’s wrapping up the Rising Shadows trilogy and EVERYTHING happened in it! O_O JUST WOW. A couple bittersweet things and many feels, but overall so so good. Time travel and all of the mind-bendingness that involves? Check. Robin Hood retelling? Check. Adorable romance and loveable characters with enormous character-arcs? Check. ALL OF THE REVELATIONS AND PLOT TWISTS OF EVER? BIG CHECK. If this was a chess game, this book would have me in checkmate apparently… ANYWAY. I was privileged to beta-read it, and it’s coming out sometime this July I believe. It made me happy, and I’ll be doing an actual review of it at some point, likely on my other blog. But it was super fantastic! 😀 I don’t usually read such enormous books so I’m also proud of myself a little. XD


So those are my reads for June. I have SO MUCH I want to read this month but we’ll see how much I get to. 😉

How about you? What’s your favorite read of June? What are you reading next?

Dream away in those pages . . .

~ The Page Dreamer

7 thoughts on “June Reading Roundup {2016}

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  2. What a fun mix of books! It’s weird you read some historical fiction and modern, because I read a whole historical fiction book AND a contemporary this month. o.o WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? Obviously I’m diving back into my beloved fantasy for a bit now. xD

    I’ve never heard of the Hank the Cowdog books but they sound super fun!

    OKAY. I NEED TO READ DEFYING SHADOWS THE SECOND IT COMES OUT. You literally listed like every single one of my favorite story elements? O_______O AAAAHHHHH!!! IT SOUNDS AMAZING.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow! Booktwins even when we’re not being fantasy addicts! XD I actually have some more historical and contemporary to read this month… and weirdly, they look really interesting. o.o Apparently I have to take breaks on genres and try different ones for a bit to get “into” them. 😛 But I’ll be excited to go back to fantasy soon. XD

      Hank the Cowdog is super fun! 🙂

      YES YOU DO ACK. Heehee. There will be so many feels but you will love it. 😀 …And yes, like all your favorite story elements… wow. O_O Heehee. 😉


  3. These all look really fun!
    I didn’t get in much reading for June what with Juno and all, but I did manage to read Paper Crowns which was AMAZING. *flails*
    I seriously need to read the Hagenheim series and the Rising Shadows series…They look SO GOOD. 😉

    Liked by 1 person


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