A Spy’s Devotion by Melanie Dickerson



Title: A Spy’s Devotion (The Regency Spies of London, #1)

Author: Melanie Dickerson


Sometimes you just want an enjoyable read, you know? This was that for me. 🙂

I don’t read a lot of Regency romance type things, but I so wanted to try this one because I’ve loved Melanie Dickerson’s medieval fairytale romances. I was not disappointed — Melanie does an AMAZING job with the Regency time period! I just felt there; completely drawn in. It was really awesome to be in the time period, somehow. Simply fabulous. 😀

The heroine, Julia, was quite a good heroine — I really liked her, she was so nice but not stupid. The hero, Nicholas, was of course awesome; an honorable gentleman-spy-by-necessity. 😉 I really liked the alternating viewpoints between the two of them — that was such fun to read. The romance was really sweet and I so enjoyed reading their story. I JUST LOVED THEM! ^_^

The slight dash of espionage/suspense added a lot of interest to the plot. Regency spies in London — what a fun idea! I also loved that it had a bit of action and danger, which added to the heroism of the hero (and heroine)! I don’t tend to think of “action” when I think of Regency tales, but the time-period is perfect for it, so I LOVED seeing that in this!

I love Melanie’s fairytale retellings, but this was her first published “original” tale, and it was actually fun to not know anything about the plot and be kept guessing! So… I really love both this and her retellings, in different ways. I’m very much looking forward to book 2 of The Regency Spies of London, whenever it may release! (I hear it’s going to be about Nicholas’ sister Leorah, who I really liked, so that excites me!) I can’t wait!

This book is technically for adults as opposed to YA, but in this case I didn’t mind. It was quite an enjoyable Historical Fiction / Christian / Regency Romance novel, which I’d recommend to anyone who likes the genre, or even to try if you haven’t yet. I just really enjoyed it. 🙂

Overall? It’s not my usual genre or type of book to read, but it was a fabulous read despite that! I enjoyed it a good deal and I’d say I rather love it. ^_^

(Plus, that cover has got to be one of THE most gorgeous ones ever! It still makes me ever so happy every time I walk by my shelf and see it nestled in amongst my growing collection of Dickerson books. <3)



From Goodreads:

In England’s Regency era, manners and elegance reign in public life—but behind closed doors treason and tawdriness thrive. Nicholas Langdon is no stranger to reserved civility or bloody barbarity. After suffering a battlefield injury, the wealthy, well-connected British officer returns home to heal—and to fulfill a dying soldier’s last wish by delivering his coded diary.

At the home of the Wilherns, one of England’s most powerful families, Langdon attends a lavish ball where he meets their beautiful and intelligent ward, Julia Grey. Determined to maintain propriety, he keeps his distance—until the diary is stolen and all clues lead to Julia’s guardian. As Langdon traces an evil plot that could be the nation’s undoing, he grows ever more intrigued by the lovely young woman. And when Julia realizes that England—and the man she is falling in love with—need her help, she finds herself caught in the fray. Will the two succumb to their attraction while fighting to save their country?


Genre/Category: Christian / Historical Fiction / Regency / Romance / with a touch of suspense

Age Group: Adult (probably could be read by young adults as well)

Published: 2016

Pages: 312 (paperback)

Series?: Book 1 in “The Regency Spies of London”

When Read: March 10-11, 2016

Favorite Character: Nicholas Langdon

Source: Got for my birthday


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17 thoughts on “A Spy’s Devotion by Melanie Dickerson

  1. Why have I not read a Melanie Dickerson book yet? WHY??? I know I keep saying it, but I WILL read her books one day. It’s gonna happen.

    You are the master at writing book reviews and giving us the exact feel of a story without ever giving away spoilers. Your reviews are my fave! ❤

    This sounds like such a fun book! I mean, you can't got wrong with spies. I also don't think of action in a Regency book. What a cool combination! Yep, I've got to read this thing one day. I need to read ALL the Melanie Dickerson books. I promise it'll happen! Just…so many books and so little time (and money). The woes of bookworms.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! You must! 🙂

      Aww, thank you so muuuch! ^_^ You make my day! ❤

      I mean, granted, they weren't like professional spies, just… had to spy… but still cool. XD And a bit of action yeah. 🙂 And I knooooow, there are so many books to read! We really do have woes. 😛 (But you could totally just read The Fairest Beauty sometime! 😉 To even see if you like 'em. :))


  2. YES, YES, YESSSS. I’ve been secretly hoping you would review this book. *inserts a thousand smiley faces* I STILL haven’t gotten my hands on it because I’m a poor impoverished bookdragon who just blew a bunch of money at bookstores a couple weeks ago. 😛 But your review has made me even more desperate to read it. (‘Cause your reviews are always spot-on, girl.)

    AND THAT COVER. ‘Tis a glorious sight. *drooools* I’m also slightly jealous of your beautiful Melanie Dickerson/Heather Dixon shelf. I approve mightily. *nods*


    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness, REALLY? o.o Well then! You’re welcome! XD (I know the feeling as I am also a poor impoverished bookdragon who didn’t even go to bookstores… xD) Aww, thank you so much! That makes my day to know you like my reviews. ^_^ (Actually it just makes my day, PERIOD, every time you comment, you sweet thing! <3)

      I JUST LOVE IIIIT! And, well, I've been collecting Dickerson and Dixon books for birthdays and Christmas (and review) for a good while now, so. 😉 I'm glad you approve!



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