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I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m linking up with this week’s Mini Challenge for the Fantasy Love February (hosted by Grace @ Fictionally) which is to share some Fantastic Art! 🙂

(See the challenge post with the other linkers here — even join in the linkup if you like, with some fantasy art or photography or poetry or whatever! 🙂 — and read about the Fantasy Love February Reading Challenge here.)

I have no claims that these bits of fan-art are fantastic in any way other than that they are a) fan-art and, b) from fantasy books I love… but here you go. I am very rarely artistic with anything other than words, hence writing is my art of choice instead of drawing… But I do occasionally draw things, if I have inspiration. (Which is rare.) I’m also a perfectionist so I rarely consider something “finished” but oh well.

Here are a couple of fan art pieces that I drew once upon a time. (Once Upon A Time. Get it? 😀 Like… fairytales and fantasy and… Ahem. Nevermind… :P) (Also I hope it’s not cheating to not actually draw/make something this week? I really wanted to but had no inspiration and no time. *sadface*)

Achan Cham from The Blood of Kings Trilogy (By Darkness Hid, To Darkness Fled, From Darkness Won) by Jill Williamson

As you can see, I sketched this from the cover of the third book, From Darkness Won, just as a sketching exercise, and didn’t spend too much effort on it. (Which is why there seems to be something wrong with his nose, in particular…? Also my scanner seemed to decide it would be a great time to act up and not scan properly… 😛 My apologies.)

Achan is the hero of the Blood of Kings trilogy and just for the record he’s one of my favoritest heroes EVER.

Like… ordinarily my favorite character in a book tends to be some side character who doesn’t get much screen time page time. But I think I can honestly say that Achan is my favorite character in the trilogy. He’s just great and has this dry sense of humor and makes mistakes but keeps trying and you just gotta love him. Best main character ever! (Or one of, at least.)

I seriously need to reread those books… They’re really fabulous Medieval Fantasy! And if you haven’t read them, they’re definitely worth a read. 🙂


Rakkety Tam MacBurl (from Rakkety Tam by Brian Jacques in the Redwall series)

Slightly cartoonish, but I had a lot of fun with this one — not to mention it’s an oddity in that it’s one of my few drawings that actually has color!

For those who don’t know (you’re missing out!) Rakkety Tam is an awesome squirrel warrior in one of the Redwall books, and he (obviously) wears a kilt and has a Scottish accent and is basically one of my favorite Redwall characters and one of my favorite Redwall books. Though I admit I haven’t actually READ it… in that I listened to the audiobook (several times) because of the fabulous full cast and all their glorious accents. Seriously. So much awesome. Anyways he’s a fabulous warrior hero, and he’s Scottish, and he’s a squirrel, and basically what is not to love? ❤ (For those who are curious, my top favorite Redwall books are Mossflower, Taggerung, and Rakkety Tam. And they are all overdue for a reread… or perhaps a relisten?)

So there is my foray into some fantasy fan-art.

Make sure to check out the Fantasy Love February Reading Challenge (I’ve read 2 on my list so far…), and also remember that February is Fantasy Month! Jenelle Schmidt is still having some fantastic (in more ways than one) posts on her site as well. Join the fun! 🙂

*happily twirls in all of the fantasy-ness*



21 thoughts on “Fantasy Fan-Art

  1. Girl, what are you talking about? Your art is AMAZING! Like, seriously, that first one was so life-like! And the second one, of course, was adorbz. *huggles them all*

    (Also, may I add that I love the idea of fantasy fan-art. I haven’t done a whole lot actually. I did some horrific sketches of characters from Wayne Thomas Batson’s Door Within trilogy many years ago, as well as some of the Dragons in Our Midst characters. Oh, and LotR artwork! I guess I’ve done more than I thought. XD)

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    • Aww, thank you, sweet thing! ^_^ Eheh, I mayyy be a little hard on myself because of the whole perfectionist thing. 😛 It has to be PERFECT… and never is. XD I’m so glad you liked ’em!

      Ooh, I would love to see those!! Maybe you should join in… 😉 I haven’t read the Door Within trilogy (yet… I have the first one…) but Dragons in Our Midst and LotR artwork both sound awesome! 😀 I bet yours aren’t as horrific as you say… 😉 We artists/writers/what-have-you tend to have a hard time pleasing ourselves. XD


  2. I love your Achan drawing! One reason is that it’s a good drawing. And the other reason is that I love Achan. “The Blood of Kings” trilogy is one of my favorites fantasy series ever, so I’m glad to see someone enter a fan art for it in the challenge.
    I’ve never read- or listened- to the Redwall books, but the squirrel in the Scottish outfit is pretty awesome, too. 😀

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  3. AAAAHHHH!!! I haven’t seen your artwork in so long! This is the bessst!!!

    You NEED to draw more, girl! It’s been so long since I’ve seen something of yours, I almost forgot you did sketches. o.o CELTI. YOUR DRAWINGS. They are so goooood!

    I may have squealed a little to see our dear Achan there. And LOOK AT HIM. Dat drawing. o.o It’s amazing, so don’t even tell me otherwise.
    I totally agree he’s one of the best main characters ever. Jill Williamson has this ability to make the realest characters. Achan feels SO real, and I love that about him! He may be my favorite in the books as well. I don’t knooow. I loved them all. It’s way past time for a reread!

    Oh my goodness gracious, the squirrel! It’s so adorable!! I’m ashamed to say I STILL haven’t read any Redwall books. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I so need to do that. This character sounds amazing. A Scottish, kilt-wearing squirrel? Uh, YES.

    It was so great seeing these. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Aww, thank you so much! ^_^

      Yeah, I do need to draw more often… >.>

      *squeal* He’s just so great! And yes, all of the awesome characters in those books!! 😀

      D’aww, thanks! And it’s okay, but I hope you’ll get around to reading some someday — they’re really fun. 🙂

      Thank YOU! ❤


  4. Yay! Seeing your artwork is so fun. They’re really good!!! Achan is great! And the squirrel Rakkety Tam…he is just too adorable. I love squirrels, and you really captured his life and movement (it looks like a complicated position to draw well).

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  5. I muchly agree with everyone else, dearie! Your art is fabulous! I repeat, FABULOUS! My attempt at drawing is dreadful, it does not come natural at all. You are so talented! Keep it! And love this post! I am definitely going to have to look up that series!

    Love and Rich Blessings –

    ~ Aspen

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