Reading Roundup #1


It’s been a month since I started this blog! Hurray! More importantly, we’re a month into this new year of 2016, and I read several lovely books in January, so I’m here to start a monthly trend on The Page Dreamer: a Reading Roundup to record what I read each month!

I started out the month by reading some books I’ve been meaning to read for review and hadn’t gotten around to yet, interspersed with a couple random books… As I finished a book on the 22nd, I looked back and went “Wait a minute. I’ve read six books in three weeks.” Six books is what I generally average in a month when I’m neither super busy nor reading a lot. But I felt like all I’d been doing the last three weeks was read–how was it I hadn’t read more?? That was when I realized… “Oh… they’re all enormous books.”


I keep a spreadsheet of books I read every year. Because it’s so fun. And yes, that’s 2222 pages total right there…

So then, having gotten the large ones of a pressing nature out of the way, I ate some smaller bite-sized books which were a nice change. ^_^

I also… um… seem to be having a problem with being too generous with my star ratings? I do this at the beginning of every year because I have nothing to compare with and am generally feeling magnanimous. So… all the five stars! (Except for two.) Oops?

And I read three books in a row (not counting the nonfiction) which featured enormous sea monster serpent things. (The Sunken Realm, Goddess Tithe, Out of Darkness Rising.) Go me. 😀

Books I read in January 2016

{My Review}

5starrating1. Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones — I really loved this! Of course, it’s by one of my top-two favorite authors, sooo… that’s not surprising. 😉 And it’s about books and writing and it’s a retelling and a lovely friendship/romance and has Tom Lynn. All-round win on this one!

{My review on The Road of a Writer}

5starrating2. Yorien’s Hand by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt (The Minstrel’s Song, #3) — So enjoyed this, and am really looking forward to going back to read the first two books in the series! I loved the world, adventure, dragons, and characters (especially Brant & Kiernan Kane!). Fabulous Epic Fantasy. ❤

{My Review}

3starrating3. The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke — I loved most of this one, but was slightly disappointed by the ending… Still, I’m glad I read it and it’s definitely worth reading for those less picky about their endings than I! 😉 Venice and brothers and the mysterious boy Scipio and detective Victor who has pet tortoises.


{My Review}

5starrating4. Prince of Demargen by E. Kaiser Writes (Thaw, #3) — This was a very interesting sequel to a Frozen-like story (The Snow Queen retelling) and I’m very much looking forward to reading the first two in the series. But it’s quite rich and I love Hess a ton and it’s brilliantly written.

5starrating5. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes #3) — I haven’t reviewed this one… It’s actually a reread, ish… I think I’ve read them all before? But I don’t really remember them so I’m working on going through all the Holmes stories — yay! This is the first collection of short stories (after the first two novels), and has twelve stories in all. My favorites I think are The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet, and The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. Anyways I’m loving reading through Holmes — so awesome, and I love him and Watson: they’re a great pair! 🙂

{My review on The Road of a Writer}

5starrating6. The Sunken Realm by Serena Chase (Eyes of E’veria #4) — Pirates, time-travel, a Twelve Dancing Princesses twist, romance, Christian themes and fabulous fantasy, not to mention Cazien. ❤ I can’t 100% recommend it due to some mature content and general scariness, but otherwise fabulous.

5starrating7. Goddess Tithe by Anne Elisabeth Stengl (Tales of Goldstone Wood, #2.5) — Haven’t reviewed this either, but oh my goodness, I adored it! *huggles little book* Set in the midst of Veiled Rose (book 2) which is the last Goldstone Wood book I read, it’s just a perfect little tale at sea, with mystery and fantasy and an elegant perfectness to the writing. I loved Munny and he and Leo’s relationship was so fun — they don’t even speak the same language, which made it hilarious! XD Anyways it has a bit of everything and was kinda bittersweet and perfect. ^_^ ❤

{My Review}

4starrating8. Impactivity: How to Set the World on Fire Without Burning Out, by Tracy Higley — Interesting non-fiction of a self-help, time-management, inspirational sort of thing. I hope to put some of its ideas to use… Hopefully I’ll read it again. Very well put together.

5starrating9. Out of Darkness Rising by Gillian Bronte Adams — Also didn’t review. But it was so so beautiful. A little novella, I read it in a sitting, and it’s a gorgeous allegory. It was incredibly well written — I love this author’s style! — and just… gaah. Words fail me. It was such an amazing allegorical story! ❤ It was so immersive and detailed, I really felt pulled in, and the timeless tale of love and salvation was so beautifully woven. It made me really love the Prince and his Father and look to the allegory beneath, pointing upward. Just an awesome story. (Not to mention one of my favorite covers!)

5starrating10. Half-Blood by Jaye L. Knight (Ilyon Chronicles, #0.5) — Everyone and their cousin seems to be after me to read this series, so I finally sat down and read the prequel novella in an attempt to get me hooked enough to not be too daunted by the length of the later books… It’s kinda dark and likely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I didn’t mind it so much since I’ve read similar tales before. Jace is awesome (naturally) and I love Rayad too, and I’m looking forward to continuing the series. 🙂 (Ya know, once I get over the length… >.> *cough* I’m sorry, long books tend to get postponed by this skittish reader…)

Have you read any of these?

What have you been reading?

Dream away in those pages…

~The Page Dreamer

16 thoughts on “Reading Roundup #1

  1. Ooh, some fun reads this month! (I…*cough* only finished 2. But in my defense, I was working 30 hour weeks, editing, and blogging. And I’m in the middle of 2 other books I started in January.)

    I MUST READ GODDESS TITHE. Not to mention Draven’s Light. They’re the only two Goldstone Wood books I haven’t read yet, and since Anne Elisabeth Stengl is kind of on a hiatus from that series at the moment, I’m hungry for more of that storyworld. 🙂

    Ilyon Chronicles–I haven’t read any yet, but it’s one of those series that’s been following me around the blogosphere. I’ve a feeling I’ll pick it up eventually.

    Oh, but did I tell you–I READ ILLUSIONARIUM!!! And it’s all because of you, dearie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • (I am amazed you were able to read ANYTHING with all that going! o.o You are awesome. 😀 )

      YES YOU MUST READ GODDESS TITHE IT’S AWESOME!!! (And I must read the rest of the books… *cough*)

      Haha, Ilyon is a pervasive force on the interwebs. XD

      AAAHHH YES! I saw on your blog, just today!! 😀 THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! ^_^ ❤


  2. Just to warn you: the first two THAW books are not as good as Prince of Demargen.
    Several of these are on my own TBR list . . . as you probably know.
    And YAY, you finally read Out of Darkness Rising! (And Half-Blood, but I haven’t read Half-Blood, so . . .)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm… I keep hearing that. >.> I’ll still read them, but regardless, I don’t think anything can beat Hess being awesome in book 3, sooo… 😛
      Yes! Because you have marvelous taste. 😉 (Ahem! *coughcough*)
      Indeed I did! 😀 It was so lovely! (And you must read Half-Blood, then. 😀 )

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not saying you shouldn’t still read them. I’m just warning you so that you don’t expect something and then get disappointed.
        Why, thank you. 🙂
        I will read Half-Blood . . . soon. It’s not at the top of my priority list right now. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  3. The only one on here I’ve read (well, besides Yorien’s Hand… which doesn’t count, somehow) is Goddess Tithe (which I agree was just awesome!!! Love it!)

    They all look good (well, except for Imactivity… because I don’t usually like self-help books). I have my eye on Out of Darkness Rising, and Half-Blood is on my bookshelf, waiting its turn.

    I read 4 books in January, and I do not have the excuse that they were enormous, as none of them were. Sigh. Not sure how many I’ll get through in February… I have two books I really want to re-read as the third and final story in the trilogy is coming out in a week or two and I’d like to refresh my memory before I dive into the final book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Sure it counts! 😉 Goddess Tithe was sooo good! *flails*

      I’m SO not into self-help books myself, so I’m right there with ya! 😛 This one was interesting though. *shrug* You will love Out of Darkness Rising! It’s so beautiful. 🙂

      Hey, 4 books is more than none! 😀 Ooh, which trilogy…? Best wishes on your February reading! ^_^


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  5. Happy one month to your wonderfully delicious book bloggy! ^_^

    Basically I want to read ALL of these. And I’m ashamed I haven’t read any of them. Because all the good bookishness!!! Out of Darkness Rising I especially want. (And I find it hilarious 3 of these were about sea monsters. Look at you being so coordinated. xD)

    Wait, wait, wait. Leo is in Goddess Tithe?? I didn’t even realize!! Now I want it even more. Leo is amazing!

    I’m also a tinge daunted by the size of Resistance but I’m like 98% sure I’ll love it. Like you said, everyone suggests I read it. Lol. So I gotta do that soon!

    I absolutely love seeing lists of books (duh) and what people have been reading, so I’m thrilled you’re making this a monthly thing! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you!! ^_^

      Yay! (But don’t be ashamed! o.o It’s okay… *pets you* You will ADORE Out of Darkness Rising. Yes!! You must read it. 😀 (Haha, yes, I’m so trendy. XD)

      YES. LEO IS IN GODDESS TITHE!! 😀 He’s awesome, yes. *nod nod* You must read it sometime! You’ll just love the friendship in it!! ^_^

      Heheh, Resistance is just… kinda… huge. XD But you’ll probably love it sooo yes, at least it will hopefully be worth it. 😉

      Liiists! 😀 Yay! I’m glad you like it! Thanks!! ❤


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