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Top Ten 2015 Releases I Meant To Get To But Didn’t


I’m addicted to lists, so once again I’m linking up with The Broke and the Bookish on their Top Ten Tuesdays bookish meme. This week’s theme is Top Ten 2015 Releases I Meant To Get To But Didn’t (check it out!).

Here are my top ten (roughly in the order they came out) but there were others too. Apparently 2015 was a big year for books coming out that I want to read and either didn’t get ahold of or didn’t find time for. Hopefully I will get to a lot of them this year! 🙂

Out of Darkness Rising – Gillian Bronte Adams

I own this and can’t BELIEVE I haven’t read it yet. It’s a Christian allegory novella, like… seventy pages long. I just need to sit down and read it, especially as I own a copy!

Mist of Midnight – Sandra Byrd

I won this in a giveaway, and again, I can’t believe it’s still sitting on my shelf unread! This must be remedied. It sounds like a mysterious intriguing historical romance.

Stolen Magic – Gail Carson Levine

It’s the sequel to A Tale of Two Castles, of course I need to read it! I just need to get to the library to snag this…

Ink and Bone – Rachel Caine

I’m irrationally drawn to this book because it’s about books and alternate history… I actually held it in my hands but could not check it out from the library as it was NaNo and I did not actually have time to read it… Yes, I reget it now. I need to try it…

Silver in the Blood – Jessica Day George

I held this one too! *flails* Oh, the pain and sorrow that writers have when they have no time to read… No idea why I want to read this one but it intrigues me so I’d like to try it out sometime.

Half-Blood – Jaye L. Knight

I haven’t yet been able to get into reading the Ilyon Chronicles yet, as Resistance is such a monster of a pagish book that it daunts me… However I may manage to trick myself into starting the series by starting with this small prequel which is currently waiting on my shelf to be devoured in probably a sitting. Because I hear great things of Jace and must meet him.

The Poisoned Cure – Deborah Dunlevy

I recently snagged an ebook copy of this, and am positively dying to get to it. Can’t wait to continue this delightful contemporary fantasy series (The Book of Sight)!

The Sunken Realm – Serena Chase

I’m currently reading this, loving it, and am so mad at myself for not getting to it sooner! I was supposed to review it eons ago and got so swamped with NaNo and holidays that I wasn’t able to look at if for MONTHS. Fortunately I’m now trying to remedy that as fast as I can… I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I finished reading The Seahorse Legacy.

A Thousand Nights – E. K. Johnston

I don’t know. But Arabian Nights retelling? Sounds… coolish. Yet again, a trip to the library is due…

The Golden Braid – Melanie Dickerson

Last but very much not least (in fact I may be the most excited about this one) another fairytale retelling by Melanie Dickerson! I just learned this is at my local library and I’m now dying to charge down there and kidnap it post-haste! AAHHH! *flails* I’m so excited to read it sometime! 🙂

TTT: Book Categories to Read More Of In 2016


I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday (from The Broke and the Bookish) because I love lists and I love books and this weekly meme is all about both. So join in if you like!

Today’s prompt is: Top Ten Resolutions We Have For 2015, which I’m putting a slight twist on.

I want to read more of these ten categories, and I’m listing some books in each category that I want to read soon if I can. (Yes, this makes for over 50, and I’m only scratching the surface… What can I say? There are a lot of books I want to read…)

Here they are, in no particular order. (Also, I’m too tired to link to all the books, but they’re all on my Goodreads:


I discovered Steampunk last year (I’ve read three so far) and I really want to continue with the genre!


The Mark of the Dragonfly // Airborn // The Locket Thief // Larklight // Leviathan


I also discovered heists/con-artist-y books last year, and they’re fun to read, just for the cleverness of them. I have some I’d like to read that are contemporary, and some medieval fantasy… a bit of everything.


Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident // The Heist // The Thief Lord // The Thief // Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman?

High Fantasy

I really miss medieval/high fantasy. I used to read a lot of it… Most of what I read used to be in this category, but I haven’t in awhile, so I’d like to get back into it.


The Riddle // Ranger’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan // In the Hall of the Dragon King // King’s Warrior // Moonblood

Historical Romance

I’m not much of a historical/regency-type romance reader, but I’ve gathered a few that I’d like to get around to. (Especially Georgette Heyer and Melanie Dickerson!)


Northanger Abbey // Wuthering Heights // Mist of Midnight // The Healer’s Apprentice // Devil’s Cub


I do love a good mystery — especially short stories — and don’t read enough of them.


Father Brown (reread) // Double Sin // Sherlock Holmes (reread) // The Red House Mystery (reread) // Lord Peter

Flintlock Fantasy/1700s/Historical Fantasy

This is rather thrown together with a lot of categories, but I love the eighteenth-century setting with muskets and all, and if it has fantasy thrown in, all the better. I’m not real particular about whether it’s set in our world or another, just give me all the muskets and tricorn hats! (Pirates or Highwaymen are, apparently, a plus.)


Thieftaker // Piratica // The Highwayman’s Footsteps // Captain Blood // The Accidental Highwayman


I love a good retelling, whether it be of a fairytale, or Robin Hood or Arthurian.


The Ryn {snow white and rose red} // Cruel Beauty {beauty and the beast} // Hood {robin hood} // The Perilous Gard {tam lin} // The Night Dance {arthurian/twelve dancing princesses}

Favorite Authors

Sometimes in a rush for the new, I put off books by authors I already love… even though I’m already fairly certain the books will be fabulous, especially when they’re by authors such as: Diana Wynne Jones, P.G. Wodehouse, Geraldine McCaughrean, Eleanor Cameron.


Julia’s Magic // A Tale of Time City // The Tough Guide to Fantasyland // The Glorious Adventures of the Sunshine Queen // The Code of the Woosters

Tolkien (Yes, this is a category in itself.)

As my favorite author, I have several books by or about J.R.R. Tolkien which I’ve not read yet, and I’d like to read some of them soon.


The Maps of Tolkien’s Middle-earth // Sauron Defeated // The Fall of Arthur // The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien // Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


There are so many good books I’ve read that I miss and want to revisit, or don’t remember. These are just a few…


Westmark {Westmark Trilogy} // The Book of Three {Prydain Chronicles} // The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet {Mushroom Planet series} // The Dark Hills Divide {Land of Elyon} // The Dark is Rising {The Dark is Rising Sequence} // The Gammage Cup // The Chronicles of Narnia // Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter // Mara, Daughter of the Nile // The Lord of the Rings (and the Silmarilion) // By Darkness Hid {Blood of Kings Trilogy}


I’d also like to read more non-fiction, more e-books, and a few Star Wars, as well as go to the library more often.

Are there book categories you’d like to read more of?

What are your 2016 bookish resolutions?


Dream away in those pages!



Greetings, bloggish book world! …Or is that bookish blog world? Either/or.

Many books have Forewords, Prefaces, Introductions… Little notes before the book starts. That’s what this is. An introduction to this book blog.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first.

There is nothing more wonderful than a good book.

There. I hope we can agree on that…

I love reading. I at times enjoy sharing my thoughts in reviews, but I am not a critic.

I don’t analyze books, I enjoy them.

(If I can, of course.) Many people who are book reviewers are critics in some form or other. There is perhaps a place for that, but it is not mine. If you are looking for a critic, you had best look elsewhere.

Consider this favorite quote of mine from the animated film Ratatouille:


“But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.”

And not only that, but every book is precious to SOMEONE, somewhere, even if it’s only the author, and purposefully tearing it apart is not a goal that I have.

I’m not a book basher, if I can help it (occasionally I can’t but we’ll get into that later) and I try to read books that I feel I’ll enjoy. I try to enjoy the books when I read them. And if I review a book, I am normally quite focused on the good. I will point out problems I had with it, but in general, books are for enjoying. I hope that my thoughts, un-critic-like as they are, will be of some help or interest to somebody out there.

This is not my first foray into the world of blogs, as I have been blogging for over two years on my writing blog, The Road of a Writer.

I have there shared many bookish posts, and several reviews, and shall probably continue to from time to time, especially with books I receive for review. But The Road of a Writer is (or is supposed to be) primarily a blog for writing and my life. And while books are intimately connected to both (at least in my mind), that’s not the primary point of the Road of a Writer blog, although it at times may seem that way…

But I wanted a place where I could just post bookish things whenever I feel like it.

  • A place that is entirely dedicated to my love of books.
  • A place I can review books whenever I wish.
  • A place to talk about books, ramble about them…
  • A place I can post lists of books (because lists are the best thing ever — besides books).
  • A place where I can go to share the thoughts of my bookwormish heart with other bookworms.
  • A place to dream of ink, pages, and bookshelves together.

This is that place.

What should you expect from this little blog? I’m not sure, yet, exactly. Probably random-ish reviews, ranging from well-thought-out long ones to brief notes of a few sentences. Maybe some posts of bookish quotes. Or bookish lists. Or bookish… whatever! Basically, if it’s book-related, it may end up here.

Many of the reviews may be ones I’ve posted elsewhere, for awhile at least. I wanted a place to keep all of my reviews in one spot, so that’s another use for this space. Reviews from Goodreads, and perhaps even my reviews from The Road of a Writer, which I may repost here. To keep things tidy, you understand…

Oh yes. I should mention that…

I’m a perfectionist. Which is often why I don’t actually get around to writing reviews. I’m going to try to be less perfectionisty (that’s totally a word, hush) around here, but I’m unsure if that will be successful… But an anything-goes, just-review-the-books-and-talk-casually-about-books sort of thing is what I’m going to try to go for.

How often will I post?

My other blog is a bit structured, and I try to post there every week… This blog will I think be more casual, less planned out. I may post a few reviews in a day, or several days in a row, or go weeks without showing up at all. Only time will tell. But casual is the order of the day. I don’t want to stress myself out about it, because I really love and enjoy books and I don’t want that love to be smothered under expectations from myself!

What sort of books will I review?

Anything and everything that I happen to read, in all of my rather odd, eclectic bookish taste. We’ll have to wait and see…

If you do happen to glance at my list of books-I’ve-been-reading-lately (my 2015 page is here, and my 2016 page — currently empty — is here) and are particularly interested in hearing my thoughts for a particular book, feel free to ask, and I might get around to it! (No promises… This perfectionist is also a procrastinator. A lethal mix, I know. But if I know someone is interested in what I think about a book, I mayyy be more likely to actually post about it. May.)

I also sometimes read books I receive free for reviewing from publishers/authors. Those are normally of a fantasy-ish, young-adult, maybe Christian sort. I think I mostly like reading fantasy and younger sorts of books. I like my books teen-friendly, please.

Reviews will have the following distinctions, star-wise:

5starrating 4starrating 3starrating 2starrating 1starrating

(Hopefully none in that last category… *cough*)

I also may have to designate a special distinction for books that really deserve a SIXTH star… Something to show how special my favorite-favorite books are… Or possibly a page dedicated to favorites. But we shall see.

I think that’s it. There’s my ramble of an introduction to this book blog. Basically, I’ve no idea what this blog will become, and I’m very much looking forward to playing with it, enjoying it, and finding out! Thanks for dropping by and I hope you’ll come along with me on the journey. 🙂

Meanwhile… dream away in those pages, readers!

And welcome to The Page Dreamer.