Nightstand Books {Jan 2016}

Nightstand Books is a monthly meme created by Jenelle Schmidt and D.J. Edwardson, focused on taking a look at your nightstand of books, i.e. what you’re reading or plan to read this month. Join in if you like! It’s usually the first Wednesday of every month… sooo I’m a week late. 😛

Also, I tend to go a little overboard with my posts, because I always plan a bit over-ambitiously what I want to read and it doesn’t always pan out so well… Ahem.

Still, on we go!

Physical Nightstand


Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones: I got this for Christmas and read it on New Year’s Day (all 400+ pages of it, and actually stayed up till 3:30 a.m. to do so, so yes, it was good) and really enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll write a review? 5 stars.

I’ve started reading a handful of books with daily readings, for the new year. I usually mean to and don’t usually succeed, but this year I’m trying! Most notably A Year With C. S. Lewis. It reminds me that I really need to read through several of his nonfiction works. I’ll obviously likely be in this all year, so I’ll just mention it this time. 😉

I don’t know about the following, as I would like to read them soon, preferably this month, but I don’t know how soon it will happen.

  • The Night Dance by Suzane Weyn: Got this for Christmas and looks like a delightful little read (Arthurian/Twelve Dancing Princesses!).
  • Out of Darkness Rising by Gillian Bronte Adams
  • Half-Blood by Jaye L. Knight
  • Goddess Tithe by Anne Elisabeth Stengl: These three are small novellas which I would love to just sit down and devour but haven’t found a moment for yet.

Virtual Nightstand


The Sunken Realm by Serena Chase: Currently reading and excited for it. Pirates and Captain Cazien. YES. ❤

Yorien’s Hand by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt: I read this and loved it. I reviewed it on my other blog, as I had gotten it for review; but I may also post the review here sometime. 5 stars.

Rising Shadows by Ashley Townsend: This is next on my list to read. Looking forward to reading it, as I already love the characters (one in particular…).

Prince of Demargen by E. Kaiser Writes: If I can finish the books I’m supposed to read for review, I hope to read this one and review it by the 22nd, so we’ll see. It sounds cool!

The Poisoned Cure by Deborah Dunlevy: Can’t. Wait. Dying to read.

Again, not sure how many I’ll get to…

I also have a handful of books I’d love to reread soon (Holmes short stories, The Blood of Kings Trilogy, Ronia the Robber’s Daughter, Rick Brant…), and having just finished Yorien’s Hand I have upped King’s Warrior and Second Son on my read-soon list, and there are countless other books on my shelves waiting patiently for me to read them… But books for review come first, and I would like to read some of my smaller things, plus I’m not made of time, so we’ll see how much happens in the rest of January…

Basically I want to read ALL OF THE THINGS! (RIGHT NOW! *flails*)

What’s on your nightstand? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Nightstand Books {Jan 2016}

  1. I didn’t know you had two blogs. 🙂

    I seriously LOVED Goddess Tithe. One of the best novellas I’ve ever read.

    Everybody keeps mentioning Fire and Hemlock in favorable tones, so I’m going to have to search that out as my next Jones book to read. Library…. here I come! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I started this one on January 1st, so… I didn’t until recently!
      I’m more excited to read Goddess Tithe, then! 🙂
      Fire and Hemlock is REALLY complex. o.o I think you may like it… 😀 I basically just adore all of DWJ’s books I’ve read, so… XD


  2. READ ALL THE THINGS RIGHT NOW. That is so me right now. We need more tiiiime!

    This looks like such a wonderful stack. Oooh, you might read The Night Dance soon? Hmm… Maybe I should as well. Goodness knows, I’ve taken long enough as is to read that poor book. I have too many books on my shelf that have been waiting forEVER to be read. :-/ Oh, and you have Goddess Tithe?? SO COOL. I need that one!

    So much goodness! I hope you find time to read all the deliciousness!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW RIGHT?? Aaall the reading that must be done in our nonexistent time. XD

      And… yeah, I know the feeling. 😛 My bookcase is literally stuffed with books I’ve been needing to read forever… it’s getting to be a problem. 😛 And yes! (Actually Goddess Tithe is my sister’s, which I got her for Christmas, but that still counts, right? XD)

      Fank you! ^_^ I hope you find time for reading your own awesomeness as well!


  3. Oh, oh, oh!!! 🙂 I see my book on there!!! 🙂

    I SERIOUSLY Hope you can get Prince of Demargen done by the 22nd… that’d be so fantastic!!!
    (And of course I also hope you enjoy it… but any honest review is super welcome by me!!! Thanks so much for being an active reader!!! 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person


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