TTT: Book Categories to Read More Of In 2016


I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday (from The Broke and the Bookish) because I love lists and I love books and this weekly meme is all about both. So join in if you like!

Today’s prompt is: Top Ten Resolutions We Have For 2015, which I’m putting a slight twist on.

I want to read more of these ten categories, and I’m listing some books in each category that I want to read soon if I can. (Yes, this makes for over 50, and I’m only scratching the surface… What can I say? There are a lot of books I want to read…)

Here they are, in no particular order. (Also, I’m too tired to link to all the books, but they’re all on my Goodreads:


I discovered Steampunk last year (I’ve read three so far) and I really want to continue with the genre!


The Mark of the Dragonfly // Airborn // The Locket Thief // Larklight // Leviathan


I also discovered heists/con-artist-y books last year, and they’re fun to read, just for the cleverness of them. I have some I’d like to read that are contemporary, and some medieval fantasy… a bit of everything.


Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident // The Heist // The Thief Lord // The Thief // Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman?

High Fantasy

I really miss medieval/high fantasy. I used to read a lot of it… Most of what I read used to be in this category, but I haven’t in awhile, so I’d like to get back into it.


The Riddle // Ranger’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan // In the Hall of the Dragon King // King’s Warrior // Moonblood

Historical Romance

I’m not much of a historical/regency-type romance reader, but I’ve gathered a few that I’d like to get around to. (Especially Georgette Heyer and Melanie Dickerson!)


Northanger Abbey // Wuthering Heights // Mist of Midnight // The Healer’s Apprentice // Devil’s Cub


I do love a good mystery — especially short stories — and don’t read enough of them.


Father Brown (reread) // Double Sin // Sherlock Holmes (reread) // The Red House Mystery (reread) // Lord Peter

Flintlock Fantasy/1700s/Historical Fantasy

This is rather thrown together with a lot of categories, but I love the eighteenth-century setting with muskets and all, and if it has fantasy thrown in, all the better. I’m not real particular about whether it’s set in our world or another, just give me all the muskets and tricorn hats! (Pirates or Highwaymen are, apparently, a plus.)


Thieftaker // Piratica // The Highwayman’s Footsteps // Captain Blood // The Accidental Highwayman


I love a good retelling, whether it be of a fairytale, or Robin Hood or Arthurian.


The Ryn {snow white and rose red} // Cruel Beauty {beauty and the beast} // Hood {robin hood} // The Perilous Gard {tam lin} // The Night Dance {arthurian/twelve dancing princesses}

Favorite Authors

Sometimes in a rush for the new, I put off books by authors I already love… even though I’m already fairly certain the books will be fabulous, especially when they’re by authors such as: Diana Wynne Jones, P.G. Wodehouse, Geraldine McCaughrean, Eleanor Cameron.


Julia’s Magic // A Tale of Time City // The Tough Guide to Fantasyland // The Glorious Adventures of the Sunshine Queen // The Code of the Woosters

Tolkien (Yes, this is a category in itself.)

As my favorite author, I have several books by or about J.R.R. Tolkien which I’ve not read yet, and I’d like to read some of them soon.


The Maps of Tolkien’s Middle-earth // Sauron Defeated // The Fall of Arthur // The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien // Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


There are so many good books I’ve read that I miss and want to revisit, or don’t remember. These are just a few…


Westmark {Westmark Trilogy} // The Book of Three {Prydain Chronicles} // The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet {Mushroom Planet series} // The Dark Hills Divide {Land of Elyon} // The Dark is Rising {The Dark is Rising Sequence} // The Gammage Cup // The Chronicles of Narnia // Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter // Mara, Daughter of the Nile // The Lord of the Rings (and the Silmarilion) // By Darkness Hid {Blood of Kings Trilogy}


I’d also like to read more non-fiction, more e-books, and a few Star Wars, as well as go to the library more often.

Are there book categories you’d like to read more of?

What are your 2016 bookish resolutions?


Dream away in those pages!


6 thoughts on “TTT: Book Categories to Read More Of In 2016

  1. Lists of books! My faaaave! And these all look great.

    I’m dying for more steampunk myself. I don’t feel like there ARE very many. I needs more!

    And heists. I need me some heist books. Because…I haven’t really read any. *blinks* Unless the first Artemis Fowl books counts…? But yeah, I’d love some fun heisty things!

    High fantasy is basically always yes. That’s a given. xD

    AND RETELLINGS. Yesssh! I was in SUCH a retelling mood last year (probably because I was working on Burning Thorns) and it’s carried over to this year. I just don’t feel like I can get enough of it. And I actually own The Night Dance. I seriously need to try that thing.

    I so get you on reading more of your favorite authors. I have that problem, too, of getting distracted by brand new shiny things and abandoning older books. Which is silly, because, more likely than not, if my favorite author wrote it than I’ll like it better than anything else. I really need to read more by people I love. And that includes Tolkien (love how he’s his own category xD). I desperately need to read more Tolkien!

    Okay, this is turning into a monster (give me a list of books and I’ll talk to the end of time). But I loved this and wish you the bestest reading year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LISTS ARE FUN! πŸ˜€

      Yes to Steampunk and Heists! I’m glad you agree. XD I think Artemis Fowl counts… You should read Heist Society! πŸ˜€ It’s a lot of fun and YA and clean. ^_^

      Aaall of the high fantasy and retellings! You has good taste. *nodnod* It totally makes sense you’d be into retellings with Burning Thorns and all! Eep, really? I got The Night Dance for Christmas… We should totally up and read it! I hope it’s good. XD

      Yesh, the shinies are distracting! o.o (You must read The Silmarillion, preciousssss. >:D Heehee…)

      *huggles monster comments because they are awesome* Lists make the best discussions! Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful reading year too! ❀


  2. Sooo many good books on here. From a (completely) unbiased person, you should read “The Thief” first. The whole series, actually. They are some of my all-time favorites (see, totally unbiased). And Tolkien is a category. In everything.

    Best wishes with all your reading goals! My main reading goal is to finish all the books I start. It doesn’t sound impressive, but I tend to read about 20 books at a time and then get distracted by a new one. So unless the book is a total dud and a waste of life, I plan on finishing it!! (At least, before I start another one)

    Liked by 1 person

    • *ups The Thief a little on to-read list* Okay. XD I have heard great things of the series, I just… haven’t gotten to it yet… (So much to read, so little time!)

      YES, Tolkien is always a category. πŸ˜€

      Thanks very much! Your goal actually sounds awesome. I too have a tendency to start several books at once, which ends up in me being stuck in them for forever. That’s one of the lessons I learned last year that I hope to put in practice this year: Never be in the middle of more than one book at a time! Or… maybe two. But to keep it manageable anyway. πŸ˜› Best of luck to you on your own reading goals! ^_^



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